Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Last night VH1 aired the series finale of T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, and to say the ending was bittersweet would be an understatement.

In the clip above Tiny and T.I. meet up for dinner to hash out their grievances. Tiny reveals that T.I.'s constant cheating (rumors have been circulating for years about T.I. and his penchant for extramarital activities) throughout their 15 year relationship ultimately caused Tiny to file for divorce.

T.I. tries to equate his affair with a woman that worked for Tiny to Tiny dancing with boxing champion Floyd Mayweather aka "a dude he was at odds with".

It should be noted that this dance between Tiny and Floyd took place at Mariah Carey's Christmas party --emphasis on party.

Honestly what this all boils down to is control and manipulation. T.I. wants to control the who, what and wheres of Tiny's life. T.I. also wants to do who and what he pleases while manipulating Tiny and expecting her to remain by his side because he "spent millions" on her.

*Yvette from Baby Boy voice* How much is a bitch supposed to take?!

On a side note, I was actually surprised at how vested I became in last night's episode of T.I. & Tiny. I don't watch the show regularly and I don't keep up with T.I. or Tiny for the most part. However, over the years I've grown accustomed to seeing them together --they were damn near inseparable. So naturally they got in my heart a little and a part of me was hoping they would work things out.

But after watching last night's episode, T.I. and Tiny divorcing may be for the best. Tiny appears to finally be focusing on Tiny. She's working on Xscape's reunion tour and a possible album. She also recently became the owner of the Atlanta Heirs, a co-ed professional basketball team. Not to mention Tiny has Heiress, the former couple's 1-year-old daughter to care for in addition to their other six children.

And with all of Tiny's responsibilities it may seem like she doesn't have much time for anything else, let alone a relationship. However, Tiny let viewers know that she is almost single and most definitely ready to mingle!

Last night's episode ended with the family coming together to celebrate Heiress' christening. In the final scene, T.I. escorts Tiny and their smaller children to her car and the former couple part ways, each heading to their respective homes.

Wishing both Tiny *rolls eyes* and T.I. although begrudgingly the best!

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