Wednesday, February 24, 2016


A few days ago Rihanna had the internet goin' nuts yet again when she premiered her latest music videos for her Work single off her hit album Anti

Rih's homie-lover-friend Drake, who is featured on the single also appears in both videos.

The first video was directed by Little X and was shot in Canada earlier this month. In true X fashion the video features Rihanna and Drake in a smokey, dark and crowded Caribbean spot whining their life away, and I LOVE IT!

The second Work music video was shot by director Tim Erem. It's simple yet has a 60s psychedelic look to it.

Now before you watch the video, I got questions damn it!

1. How awesome does Rihanna look doing her can't-get-right whine? She gives me the confidence I need to get out on the dance floor and whine with no shame-- staying on rhythm be damned! Thanks Rih!

2. Why is Drake so overdressed?

Everyone in the first music video is pretty much dressed for summer/the beach and here Drake comes wearing a hooded sweatshirt and sweat pants.

3. When are these two going to stop playing games and just get together, permanently?

4. Why when Drake raps does he always have to act out each verse with his hands like he's playing charades?

Also see next image below
5. Why is Drake always so dramatic? "Sorry if I'm way less friendly, I got n****s tryna end me, oh..." 

Drake and Meek Mill both revealed that this past summer at the height of their "beef", they stayed at the same hotel, one floor above each other. Yet neither one of them thought their "beef" was serious enough to approach the other during their hotel stay. 

But Drake wants us to believe that he has "n****s tryna end" him...sure!

Nonetheless, I enjoyed both videos! Check out Rihanna's Work videos featuring Drake below.

Also, congratulations to Rihanna and Drake for breaking all types of Billboard records! 

Photo GIFs: Tumblr

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