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Back in 1995 when Biggie was the hottest rapper in the game and Michael Jackson was well, Michael Jackson! Seriously, since when has Michael not been hot? He passed away over six years ago, and he's still has two albums on this weeks Billboard 200 charts.

So like I was saying, the year was 1995 and comedienne and TV personality Bill Bellamy was still rockin' a wave nouveau and presenting alongside Biggie, MTV's Video Music Award for Best Dance Video. Michael and Janet Jackson took home the Moonman that year for their collaborative smash single Scream.

Check out the video of Janet lowkey snubbing Biggie plus watch Janet's latest video, No Sleep featuring J. Cole after the break!

You have Biggie, Janet Jackson, and Michael Jackson on stage together at the same damn time!!!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

This is the QUAN of ALL videos for a couple of reasons:

1. Mike and Big shaking hands = #AWESOMENESS!

2. Janet rockin' the Givenchy “Pervert” crop top DECADES before Nicki Minaj wore a different version of the stylized shirt in the Feeling Myself music video = #FashionFix! 

Often times the latest fashion trend that younger consumers go crazy for are looks that have already been done in the past.

3. Janet and Michael showering each other publicly with compliments about the others talents = #LOVE

Janet: ...My wonderful brother Mike. You kicked a__, I'm sorry. In our opening, you kicked a__, I'm sorry *giggles*

Michael: My favorite thing about doing this Scream video was, it was really an excuse to work with my sister Janet. Because I truly adore her. She's one of the sweetest people in the world.

*Sidebar: Janet could’ve acknowledged Biggie. That was kind of rude to embrace Bill Bellamy and not even look in Big’s direction when they both presented Janet and Michael an award. Not to mention that Big was standing less than three feet away from Janet. 

Mike greeted Big… maybe Janet and Big got properly introduced off camera.

Janet’s lowkey snubbing of Biggie makes me think back to the time Tupac did an interview to promote the movie Poetic Justice. During the interview Tupac explained to the interviewer how he thought he and Janet (and her then boyfriend Rene who made a brief appearance in Poetic Justice) had formed a life-long friendship while filming Poetic Justice. However, when Tupac tried calling Janet after the movie had wrapped, Tupac claimed Janet had changed all her phone numbers. *insert side-eye*

That was shady, but I still love you Janet.
In related news, Janet released her latest music video No Sleep last week (July 24) and to our surprise, it features one of our current favorite rappers, J. Cole!

Janet's No Sleep single is another one of her mid-tempo songs with a nice mellow groove that you can kick back and listen to this summer. 

The top two photos of Janet look very similar to her look in her That's the Way Loves Goes music video

In the video Janet showcases a large family photo of herself as a little girl with her father Joe Jackson in honor his birthday (July 26). 

Janet wrote under the No Sleep video posted to her YouTube account, 
"Wishing my Father, @Joe5Jackson a Happy Birthday. I want to tell the world, I love and honor you. The image of us, is my tribute to you. xo. JANET."
She also posted similar tweets on her Twitter page.

It was a nice surprise to see J. Cole featured in Janet's No Sleep video. Just days (July 20) before releasing her latest music video, Janet posted a picture on her Twitter account of herself and her girls hanging out at J. Cole's L.A. concert.

She captioned her picture, "Girls night out @JColeNC concert! #ColeWorld."

Without further ado, check out Janet's No Sleep below! 

So happy to see that both of my favs --Janet and J. Cole, are winnin'!

Photos: Janet Jackson's Twitter, Google Images and Screenshots

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