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Late this past Thursday (July 30) Meek Mill released Wanna Know, a diss song in response to two diss songs, Charged Up and Back to Back that Drake released in the past week.

 The feud between the two rappers began over a week ago when Meek revealed via Twitter that Drake "don't write his own raps" and was assisted by a ghostwriter named Quentin Miller. For more on that story head here.

Listen to Meek's Wanna Know, Drake's Back to Back, Safaree's Lifeline plus Nicki's message to Safaree, after the break!

If you recall last Sunday (July 26) veteran DJ, Funkmaster Flex of New York's Hot 97, promoted on his social media accounts that Meek Mill would be a guest on his show the following day (July 27) at 7 p.m. 

Flex implied that Meek would premiere a response diss to Drake's Charged Up on his show that evening. Monday came and went and Meek and his highly anticipated response diss was a no show and Flex was left with egg on his face.

Naturally the listeners were upset at Flex for his perceived deceit and one person even took it upon themselves to start a petition on calling for Flex's resignation from Hot 97

Azeem Khan is the guy who started the petition and he comically but accurately wrote in his petition, "[n]o one has given Hot 97 two hours of listening time since Biggie was alive..." The petition calling for Flex's resignation at Hot 97 currently has over 10,000 signatures.

After all the hoopla, Thursday night (July 30) rolled around and Flex actually premiered Meek's Wanna Know on his show. Listen to the song below!


Maybe I just haven't listened to enough of Meek Mill's music to notice (#GodIsGood), but I never realized his delivery was so muffled --loud, yes!

I Wanna Know sounds super lazy in a sense and then overly ambitious in another. I'll explain more later, but first let's list what *Ann Iverson voice* Meek told us in Wanna Know.

1. Meek wants us to know that Quentin Miller was runnin' through the 6 with his woes, not Drake. In Drake's most noted verse as of late off his popular mixtape, Views From The 6, the rapper rhymes, he was runnin' through the 6 with his woes, as a shout out to his boys and his hometown of Toronto. 

However Meek says Drake had to be in the house before the street lights went off. During the course of Wanna Know Meek cuts to another reference track of Quentin rhyming Drake's most notable verse from his single Know Yourself.

Meek raps that "n____s write for you cause you never did sh!t", calling into question Drake's gangsta... umm Drake and gangsta in the same sentence is news to me. 

2. Meek wants us to know that Drake is a biter. Meek raps, "comin' with the same flow, switchin' up your lingo, we just want a refund, this ain't what we paid for". Meek is basically saying that Drake is a perpetual flow biter and he has jacked everyone's flow from R&B singer Usher, to record producer Details,  to Drake's alleged ghostwriter, Quentin Miller

Interestingly enough, years ago Detroit native Big Sean revealed during an appearance on Big Boy’s Neighborhood radio show that Drake actually bit borrowed his flow. 

Sean explained, 
"Drake is my homie. He gave me a lot of credit, because I came up with [a] rhyme scheme a lot of people thought that he came up with. I called it ‘Supa Dupa Flow,’ but he kind of made it more popular on the song 'Forever' with him [Lil] Wayne and Drake, it was kind of the one-word punchline. I did that on my second mixtape I released in ’09..."
3. Meek wants us to know that Drake is soft. Throughout Wanna Know Meek makes reference to how non-threatening Drake is by calling him "buttercup" and "dork". 

Tell us something we don't already know Meek. Meek raps, "Puffy almost caught a domestic when he smacked that b!tch", in reference to Puffy allegedly smacking the dog sh!t out of Drake outside a club in Miami last summer for stealing the 0 to 100 track from Puff.

*However the most interesting tidbit I learned from all of Meek's mumbling in Wanna Know was that allegedly one of TI's "homies" R. Kelly'd (urinated for the slow folks) Drake in a movie theater... umm... Drake, you got some explaining to do!

Meek wasn't quite done. Before putting all of us out of our misery by ending Wanna Know, Meek took a couple of shots at Safaree Samuels, Nicki Minaj's former long-time boyfriend and alleged ghostwriter, more on that below.

Heard that other n___a talkin' we ain't get back yet 

Let's keep it short

You ain't get your chick back yet 

And now she rockin' with chains

I know you missed that check

You went from ClearPort to buddy pass

You missed that jet

Like I mentioned, Meek's Wanna Know is super lazy yet ambitions. A major component for a successful diss record --heck  for a successful career as a vocal artist, is tone. More specifically, having clarity in your tone so that the listener understands the words that are coming out of your mouth. Meek failed miserably in this respect.

Wanna Know starts off with a loud ringing beat in the background, then Meek begins rapping in a slurred and lackadaisical tone, at times his words are inaudible to listeners. Then to make matters worse, you have the Funkmaster Flex's soundbite chiming in to Wanna Know every so often. 

It was just too much bad stuff happening at one time. I had to listen to Wanna Know more times then I wanted (one listen would have suffice) just to get a general understanding of the song.

Then at the 2:28 mark of Wanna Know some guy --Bernard Hopkins is that you, comes on the song rambling, "I gotta take him off in here" and "the n___a whole style is chump"

Ok, sir. Thanks for sharing. *insert side-eye* #AndYouAre

Then at the 2:50 mark the Wanna Know beat switches up, and Puff comes on the song, talking about "poppin' sh!t" and then rhetorically asks, "haven't I paid my dues", "didn't I weather storm.

Purpose, Meek? 

This is what I talk about when I mention Meek being too ambitious. There is just too much going on in this diss record and none of it is good.

Who is the guy that comes on at 2:28 mark, Meek? And what purpose was he supposed to serve other then confusion? 

Why was Puffy's introspective thoughts about his career inserted around the 2:50 mark, Meek?

Just because Puff allegedly slapped the dog sh!t out of Drake last summer does not warrant his feature, UNLESS Puff is going to do one of his legendary ad-libs and talk sh!t about Drake too.

This track was an all around fail Meek.

Meek, you let Philly down!

Meanwhile, Drake posted the picture below on his Instagram page in response to Meek's Wanna Know.

Our thoughts exactly, Drake!

However, Meek says Wanna Known is just a warm up and "y'all goin' to have to give [him] a check to stop" him from releasing more diss songs aimed at Drake. 

*sighs, checks savings account balance to see if I can cover "the check"*

In related news, Drake released a second diss record aimed at Meek this past Wednesday (July 29), and let's just say Drake didn't hold back.

Listen to Back to Back here!

Trigger fingers
Turn to Twitter fingers 
You gettin' body by a singin' n___a

I'm not the type of n___a that'll type to n____s 
And shout out all my boss b!tches wifin' n____s 
Make sure you hit'em wit the prenup  
Damn tell that man to ease up

I did another one I did another one

You still ain't did sh!t about the other one 

Drake wasn't the only one releasing diss tracks aimed at Meek. Safaree, Nicki's ex-boyfriend and alleged punchline writer, released Lifeline early last week (July 28), and he took shots at both Meek and Nicki in his diss song. 

I tried to avoid listening to Safaree's diss song the day it was released, but later on that night I decided to give Lifeline a listen so I could post an informed tweet clowin' the song. 


Hope you go platinum my n___a, she need a better ring 
In every pic you look surprised, all you do is stare
You out of shape anyway
You need to eat a pear (pair) 

Safaree's attempt at a double entendre...

You n____s ain't God
You ain't stopping me

One more year, you’ll be stressed

Here's a iron 
You looked pressed #Why #ThisCantBeLife

Now that I’m gone, good luck with them punchlines 
Sincerely yours, Safaree, flatline

Safaree really should have reconsidered before releasing this diss track, but since he didn't I don't feel guilty about clowin' him for it. 

With regards to Lifeline, Queen Latifah said it best in her cameo appearance in the movie Juice,
"Look,  the shit is totally sloppy! Only a fool would open up the way you do! Nobody likes the records that you [make]! Alright! It's just completely WACK, face it! FACE IT," Safaree!   
On another note, I can definitely tell after listening to Lifeline that Safaree assisted Nicki with her punchlines. On the diss song, Safaree purposely (I'm assuming) rhymes in Nicki's cadence to prove to listeners that he was the one behind some of Nicki's most notable punchlines.

Safaree Samuels

However, what's good for the goose is not always good for the gander Safaree. I can't believe I typing this, Although you may have wrote Nicki's punchlines, I'm not certain those same rhymes would have yielded Safaree Nicki's success, if he had kept the punchlines for himself. The rhyming style suits Nicki, and likely Nicki only. 

Plainly put, after writing all of this Safaree's diss song was hard to listen to. My internet connection even went out while I was listening to Lifeline. #GodBeKnowin'

On the bright side, Safaree rhymes that he felt like 12 Years a Slave *insert side-eye* in his decade plus relationship with Nicki, and now that he is no longer with Nicki, he feels like a "light year" has been lifted from him.

Safaree wants listeners to know that he "left [Nicki] and I don’t want [her] back". He also thinks that Meek is a downgrade, and Safaree rhymes as only he and my two-year old goddaughter can, "I thought I left her so she could move on to better things, maybe a ball player, maybe a soccer player, maybe a billionaire, like a Mariah Care"... the struggle bars are real y'all! 

Safaree warns Meek, "this time next year,  little daddy (Why?) you’ll be emasculated!"

Nicki had a few choice words for Safaree in reply to his claim that he wrote Nicki's punchlines.

Nicki Pinkprint tour  stopped in Toronto this past Tuesday (July 28)

Nicki Minaj's Pinkprint tour stopped in Toronto, Canada this past Tuesday (July 28), and she made sure to address the Safaree ghostwriting rumors. 

Nicki explained to the Toronto audience,

"See a b!tch a__ n___a can't write my raps! You know why, you don't have the heart or the mind frame or the motherf__king intellect, b!tch n___a! You [d]on't even know how to pronounce these words in my motherf__king raps, b!tch!"

I'm not going to front, Nicki's comments = AWESOMENESS

However, after listening to Lifeline I'm not sure I necessarily believe Nicki's claims that Safaree never wrote any of her "raps". 

But do I concur with Nicki with regards to b!tch a__ n____s  in general. 

B!tch a__ n____s are prone to being useless.

Not much more left to say about Meek vs. Drake, Safaree vs. Meek, or Nicki vs. Safaree, other then I'll keep you posted as this story keeps developing.

 *sings as I skip off* With SO much drama in the L-B-C...

Photos: Googles Images, Meek Mill's Instagram, Drake's Instagram, Safaree's Instagram,, and Screenshots

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