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President Obama lands in his ancestral home of Kenya!

President Obama made his first trip to Kenya, the birthplace of his father, Barack Obama, Sr., since becoming the "first Kenyan-American President” of the United States of America! He told the crowd of 4,500, packed in a sports hall in Nairobi,
"I am proud to be the first American president to come to Kenya, and of course I'm the first Kenyan-American to be president of the United States." 
The President arrived in Kenya on Friday, July 24, the first stop on his four-day trip to Africa where he also visited Ethiopia.

The President is greeted by his sister Auma Obama and Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta.
Uhuru is the son of the first president of Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta.
The senior Kenyatta is famously known for leading Kenya to independence from British colonial rule in 1963. 

One purpose of the President's trip to Kenya was to attend the Entrepreneurship Summit which was held in Nairobi this year. The summit focuses on economic development. 

Check out more pictures of the President's trip to Kenya plus video of him dancing during a State House Dinner and more after the break!

Barack Hussein Obama Sr. is greeted at the airport in Hawaii by 10-year old Barack Hussein Obama Jr.! #Precious 

In President Obama's best-selling memoir, Dreams from My Father, he details his first visit to his ancestral home of Kenya in 1988 at age 27. In the book the President describes arriving at the airport in Kenya and while searching for his luggage a woman recognized his last name and told Barack that she knew his father.

The President explained,"[t]hat was the first time my name meant something and that it was recognized." During his initial trip to Kenya, the President also met his brothers, sister Auma Obama, his grandmother Mama Sarah, uncles and visited the graves of his father and grandfather.

27 year-old Barack, his siblings, grandmother and other members of his family pose in this family photo

Love !

The President is pictured rocking a traditional outfit... head attire and all, haaa! #LoveIt

Watch as President Obama, dances at a State House dinner in Kenya! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

President Obama participated in a bilateral meeting at the State House in Kenya

President Obama joined by his sister Auma, his grandmother Mama Sara, and other members of his family in Kenya, enjoyed dinner at his hotel in Nairobi.

President Obama shares a laugh with his grandmother Mama Sarah (left) and sister Auma Obama

The President left Kenya this past Sunday (July 26) to travel Ethiopia, but not before giving a speech to a crowd in Kenya, where he criticized the practice of forced marriages between underage girls, female genitalia mutilation, and the treatment of women as second-class citizens. The President also stressed the importance of educating young girls during his speech.

The President's sister introduced him to the Kenyan crowd, noting a common Kenyan saying "don't get lost". Auma remarked that President Obama is not lost now, "nor was he lost when he first came to Kenya." The President's sister continued, "I'll tell you that because he was with me. He fit right in."

Crew love!
Sidebar: Ew to the President's cigarette

"Around the world there is a tradition of oppressing women and treating them differently and not giving them the same opportunities, and husbands beating their wives, and children not being sent to school. Those are traditions. Treating women and girls as second-class citizens. Those are bad traditions. They need to change." 
"Treating women as second-class citizens is a bad tradition: it holds you back. There’s no excuse for sexual assault or domestic violence, there’s no reason that young girls should suffer genital mutilation, there’s no place in a civilized society for the early or forced marriage of children. These traditions may go back centuries; they have no place in the 21st century."

President Obama addressed the media at the Power Africa Innovation Fair

Sidebar: When I read the President’s book Dreams from My Father back in 2008, I felt a strong connection to him because we have eerily similar stories --right down to being partially raised by a White grandparent(s). So even though I wasn’t technically living in the states during the President’s 2008 campaign, I was on my Dorothy Boyd (Jerry Maguire movie), ‘I will go with you!’

I set up my own little Obama for America campaign on the Island I was living at the time. I eventually made it back to the states a month before the 2008 presidential election and was able to do more volunteer work. 

During the 2012 presidential campaign season, I went ALL out in terms of campaigning in support of President Obama, to make up for lost times. It felt really good interacting with the American people (I’m a natural people person!) and raising awareness about the President’s campaign.

Those were the days when I was filled with so MUCH optimism about this country and President Obama, but here we are now…

Run-on sentence alert: However, seeing the love the people of Kenya have for President Obama (the pictures of the President with his Kenyan family members, hundreds of Kenyans citizens lining the road to greet him, and the video of President dancing with his Kenyan peeps #TheresNoPlaceLikeHome #AfricaIsEverything), and that feeling appears to be genuinely reciprocated by the President, makes me upset that I can't stay upset with President Obama. #WhyCantIQuitYou

A crowd gathers near the memorial park waiting to catch a glimpse of President Obama

The President's often tone-death rhetoric when addressing the CONSTANT racially-motivated murders of Black Americans in this country by White law enforcement officials and racist White domestic terrorist, is infuriating!

We, Black Americans, did NOT:
1. come out in record numbers during both the 2008 and 2012 presidential election to vote for President Obama;
2. campaign in support of the President; and/or
3. donate money to the President's campaign, for our issues, concerns, and fears to NOT be DIRECTLY addressed by you, Mr. President! #DoBetter

Because when it is all said and done, what will your legacy REALLY be? #Woosah
On Sunday the President traveled to Ethiopia to visit the African Union (AU), which has its headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The AU is the guiding force behind the "African solutions to African problems" policy.

President Obama pictured with President Kenyatta waves as he ends his two-day trip to Kenya
What a sight for sore eyes! Two 'Black' presidents side by side!
Their fathers would be proud despite their past issues with one another.  

Photos: Getty Images, Reuters, The New York Times, and Google Images

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