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How Sway?

According to varying reports, deceased rap legend Tupac Shakur was in Atlanta for a concert performance, when two off-duty Atlanta officers in plain-clothes alleged that a car carrying Tupac and his entourage nearly hit them and their spouse as they walked across a street in Atlanta.

However, according to Tupac's step-brother Morpreme Shakur, Tupac was being a Good Samaritan and came to the defense of a stranger who was being harassed by the two off-duty officers

Morpheme says Tupac witnessed two men --he claims Tupac had no idea that the two men were police officers, harassing a Black man. When Tupac went to assist the man, the two officers told Tupac to "mind his business". Morpheme said shortly after this exchange, the officers took out their guns and used them to smash the windows of the vehicle transporting Tupac.

According to Morpheme, Tupac then kneeled to one knee, drew his gun and fired shots at the plain-clothes off-duty officers, hitting both plain clothes officers in the buttocks.

Check out a video of Morpreme explaining the shooting and more after the break!

Rapper Charged in Shootings of Off-Duty Officers 
By RONALD SMOTHERSPublished: November 2, 1993
ATLANTA, Nov. 1— Tupac Shakur, whose rap recordings sketch what he calls the “thug life” of inner-city violence, was charged on Sunday with shooting two off-duty suburban policemen. 
The Atlanta police said the shooting occurred after two cars carrying Mr. Shakur and his party almost struck the two men and their wives as they crossed a city street early Sunday morning. 
The 22-year-old performer, who lives in California but was in town to perform at a local college, was arrested at his hotel shortly after the shooting. He was charged with two counts of aggravated assault and released this morning on $55,059 bond until a Dec. 1 hearing to determine if the case will be sent to a grand jury. 
The two officers were released today from Grady Hospital here; one was wounded in the abdomen, the other was in the buttocks. 

Morpreme Shakur (MS)Not too many chances a Black man is going to shoot two white police officers and not do no time for it. You better believe that. You can put that in bold letters right there.

Interviewer: That says a lot about Tupac for sure.

MS: Yeah we had just finished performing. We're going back to the hotel to party. He could’ve just said to hell, ‘I don’t know that guy, let me go upstairs and mind my business.’  
But you know he chose to help. He helped out a stranger. He didn’t know that guy from nowhere. That’s my biggest memory of Pac. 
I saw a side a lot of us Blacks don’t do and that’s to help out a stranger. You know and that’s definitely what he did.  
Cause I know a lot of artist that would’ve just drove right by him and went upstairs and had a nice time.  

*tear* I miss Tupac! #TheyDontMakeEmLikeYouAnymore

According to reports, the charges against Tupac were later dismissed. However, after his death one of the officers won a default judgement against Tupac's estate after his lawyer failed to make a court-required disclosure.

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