Sunday, July 26, 2015


Sidebar: Damn, Champagne Papi done got all fine and whatnot! *waves* Heeey, boo! *wink*
At the close of Drake’s Beats 1 radio show, OVO Sound, yesterday (July 25), he decided to release a diss track titled Charged Up.

The diss track is aimed at Meek Mill in response to the controversy Meek started this week when he disclosed via Twitter (I mean how else do people communicate nowadays. *insert sarcasm and an eye roll*), that Drake not only uses a ghostwriter, but he also used a ghostwriter for his verse on the track R.I.C.O.

R.I.C.O. is a track that appears on Meek Mill’s latest No. 1 charting album, Dreams Worth More Than Money.

Interesting enough, both Drake and Quentin Miller are listed as writers on the song credits.

Listen to Drake’s Charged Up below!

"I see you n____s having trouble going gold and turning into some so-and-sos that no one knows." #Shady 
"No woman (Nicki Minaj?) ever had me star-struck or was able to tell me get my bars up."
"Cops is killing people with their arms up. And your main focus is tryin’ to harm us?" 

(     So what you're saying Drake is that: 

         1. Meek Mill has struggle sales;

         2. Nicki told Meek to step up his bars; and

         3. Meek would rather bring attention to petty things (For the record: I’d hardly consider Drake having a ghostwriter as petty. That’s VERY pertinent information.) then use his loud a__ f__k voice  to  address ALL the race-motivated murders of Black Americans by American law enforcement happening in this country?

      Those sound like fighting words to me!

Drake thinks he's slick trying to flip the script on Meek, haaa!

Drake’s like: I may or may not have a ghostwriter, but what about #BlackLivesMatter. See, y’all! Meek don’t have his priorities in order.

Ummm, ok Drake…

Meek Mill seemed unimpressed by Charged Up, and responded via Twitter.

Baby lotion soft……[sad face emoticon]

I can tell he wrote that 1 tho……

 Meek also is set to appear on Funkmaster Flex’s radio show at 7 p.m. ET, on New York’s Hot 97 tomorrow (July 27).

Meek will likely premiere a new diss track on Flex’s show and Funk Flex will more than likely dick-ride the new diss track no matter the quality. #YallKnowHowFlexDo

This is turning into a HOT summer, and I’m here for it!

We the fans have been missing the competitiveness and spirited nature of rap/hip-hop music which is at the essence of the culture.

I’ll keep you Chicks and Dicks posted as this story KEEPS developing!

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