Friday, May 29, 2015


Finally an NBA final series I can actually get excited about watching!

I was born in 1980 and raised in the 80s and 90s, so I grew up truly spoiled with regards to witnessing some of the greats in the NBA, NCAA, NFL, Track and Field, Gymnastics, and even the NHL --never have and never will be able to get into baseball #SorryNotSorry, achieve amazing feats in their respective sport.
Growing up, you could be a girl obsessed with Whitney Houston, En Vogue, and the color purple; be extremely talkative and inquisitive; ALWAYS seem to be getting into trouble with your friends; and still some how manage to know the names and positions of the starting 6 players on almost every NBA team.
However, somewhere around the mid-2000s
I just stopped paying attention. It wasn’t that I even purposely tried to pay attention as a kid. It was just that the players in the 80s and 90s were SO damn good at their respective sport that you gravitated toward watching them and you enjoyed every minute of it.
I’m obviously familiar with LeBron James --I mean who isn’t?
In order for me to actually root/support an entertainer or athlete, I’ve always had to connect with them on some personal level.
  1.  Are you a good person/do you have a good PR team behind you that makes you appear to be a good person;
  2. Do we have even the most minute connection –you’re the same zodiac sign as I am, #CancersRock; and
  3. The biggest factor for me these days, are you pro- #BlackLivesMatter --you can count on being infamously cut-off (I’ve been known to drop dead weight –people, when they threaten my happiness, serenity and/or sanity) by me if you come talking that: 

    • #AllLivesMatter; 
    • There needs to be just as much outrage about Black on Black crime; and/or
    • After winning the most coveted award in Hollywood, you get all brand new on motherphuckers and start talking that Black people need to “extend a hand” to White people subservient Uncle Tom sh!t. 

Anyway, I recently (in the past 2 weeks) got acquainted with Steph Curry thanks to his adorable daughter Riley, so I’m actually really looking forward to watching the 2015 NBA finals!

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