Monday, May 18, 2015


Nicki Minaj released her Feeling Myself music video featuring Beyoncé, off of Nicki's The Pinkprint album, exclusively on Tidal a couple of hours ago!

BUT, here is the gotcha, gotcha! You have to subscribe to Tidal to watch the video in its entirety.

After finishing my write-up, I haphazardly found an embedded code for the video *pats self on the back*.

Now, I heard through the grapevine that Tidal has been offering a free 30-day subscription for its service since 'The Press Conference', a month or so back. However, I'm just not interested because:
  1. My short-term memory has been shot to shit since attending law school, so I would mess around and forget to cancel my Tidal subscription before the trial period ended and be blown (*chants* Student loans, student loans; must pay off my MASSIVE student loans or at least die trying!); and
  2. I'm not into streaming music --I just don't get how people pay to listen to music when they could just purchase it. I only do ownership, no take backs!
There are a couple of clips of the Feeling Myself video floating around Instagram, and this one struck a cord with me.

A video posted by Be Crvel. (@crvelsummer) on

I like gangsta Beyoncé --we could hang! Check out the FULL Feeling Myself video after the break!

From the 2:51 to the 3:01 mark, *cues the Dynasty Roc La Familia intro*, walk with me, talk with me... Nicki and Beyoncé are talkin' their shit and I WANT in!

Sidebar: So clearly Beyoncé said screw the vegan diet during this video shoot. 

We seen you munchin' on dat burger and fries and asking for Now & Laters (pronounced Now Latas) and whatnot... you ain't slick Beyoncé, haaa! #D'Evils

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