Thursday, July 10, 2014


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Nostril piercing have been practiced for centuries by people of different cultures across the globe. The Fulani people of Nigeria in Western Africa practice cartilage piercing to emphasize their beauty and wealth. 

In a Marie Claire article titled,  "History of Women's Piercings" the author explains,

After a long hiatus, piercings began to experience a cultural resurgence when hippies returning from India brought the tradition back to the States. Nose piercings, like the septum, became popular with the rise of the punk scene throughout '70s and '80s as a sign of rebellion.

In the late 1970s, the punk subculture began to diversify and nostril piercings and other body modification piercings became popular with subsequent youth cultures in the '80s and '90s who were influenced by hip-hop, rock and heavy metal artists. 

In recent years, I have observed that the '90s-style --from flannel shirts draped around the waist to Gumby haircuts and Janet Jackson's Poetic Justice braids, have resurfaced with a vengeance. 

And you can't bring back '90s style and not bring back the slammin' nose ring.

Sidebar: I wanted a nose ring stud soooooo bad when I was in high school, but this no-nonsense-having-Nigerian-woman named Lil Charity aka my mommy was NOT having any of that. 

Sadly, the closest I got to getting a nose ring was when I purchased one of those fake me out nose ring studs magnet from Claire's at the mall... but I dared not wear it around my mom. 

She had me shook!

In related news, one of our favorite baaad gals -- (Sidebar: Speaking of baaad gals, still have faith that Foxy Brown and Lil Kim for that matter, will release new albums.) Rihanna, was spotted heading into the VIP Room in Manhattan's Meatpacking District early this morning rocking a septum ring!

The '90s was the bomb diggity!

Photo: Marie Claire, Splash News and Google Images.

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