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Today is a quadruple "T", Throwback Thursday: Tia & Tamera!
I first became familiar with the "Sister Sister" twins aka Tia and Tamera way back in the early 90s (that doesn't even sound right...*reassures self* you still young boo!), when they were in a group called Voices.
The group released the single, Yeah Yeah Yeah and I must have played that song a millions times a day! Not to mention while playing it a million times a day, I sang along...LOUDLY and off-key, sue me!

My poor aunts teased me mercilessly, but I didn't care because that was my jam!
A couple of years passed and then Tia and Tamera resurfaced on their hit sitcom, Sister Sister.  This show, Moesha, and a few others was my go-to shows during my tween to teenage years.
Check out more of Tia and Tamera after the break!

I guess that's why I feel like I've grown up with the Mowry twins (their actually no longer the "Mowry twins", they're Mowry-Hardict and Mowry-Housley) and Brandy. They're respectively only 2 and 1 year younger than I am and we were all friends…in my head. So yeah, we basically grew up together, ha ha!
Anyway, Tia went on to star in one of my former favorite shows (this is before the show went to the BET network and became a former unfunny, bad storyline, sloppily put together shell of its former self), The Game and it was recently announced that she'll be starring and produced this fall in NickMom's Instant Mom.
Tamera starred in ABC Family's Roommates and she recently became 1 of 4 host on Fox's daytime talk show, The Real.   

The twins also star in their own reality show on the Style network, appropriately titled Tia & Tamera. On a personal note, both of the twins are now married and each have one son!
What I like and admire most about the twins is that they've always been positive role models --you ain't gonna catch Tia and Tamera stumbling out of Greystone with coke smeared on their nostrils while "mistakenly" flashing the paps their coochie as they enter their awaiting ride, only to speed down the road while under the influence, and then later crash their ride through someones home because they were too busy flickin' up lewd selfies to post on Instagram, to pay attention to the road. 

Nope! Darlene and Timothy didn't uproot the family from Texas to Los Angeles for the twins to become a cautionary E! True Hollywood Story episode... ain't gonna happen on their watch!
And although the twins are *Beyonce voice* GROWN women, they're probably not too old to get check-nye-eee (shouts to Scrappy) by their parents!
Tia and Tamera have successfully navigated their child-star phase in Hollywood and along the way they have become graduates of Pepperdine University, maintained their respective acting careers, become wives and mothers AND have been able to avoid checking into Betty Ford...clap for'em!

The twins can do no wrong in my book, although I did side-eye and unfollow Tamera on Twitter last year because of what I deemed as her subjective retweet with regards to the Biden-Ryan debate. 
I did not see nare notta tweet from Tamera regarding respectfulness and/or interrupting when Mitt Romney was doing the later to President Obama in their debate that preceded the Biden-Ryan debate. 
The entire Mowry family!

But I digress, I'm a Cancer, I'm sensitive and at one point I was a ridah for President Obama’s re-election campaign. All is for given Tamera, but you tried it!
Anyway, take a trip down memory lane with Tia and Tamera!
Tia and Tamera are pictured with their sons Cree and Ayden

Tia's wedding day: Tia's husband is actor Cory Hardict

Tamera's wedding day: Tamera's husband is Fox News correspondent Adam Housley

Check out Voices' Yeah Yeah Yeah video!


Photo Source: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin; Charley Gallay/Getty Images North America; and Google Images

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