Friday, August 16, 2013


Lady Gaga was spotted leaving the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, California yesterday (August 15).  The Lady will be performing her first single off of her upcoming album ARTPOP at the MTV VMAs on August 25. The single will be released on August 19 and her ARTPOP album will follow on November 11.

Beyonce debut another new short 'do! This time it appears she cut one of her many lacefronts (heck she got that *Stevie J voice* "bread", she likely purchased one to chop up) into an asymmetric bob!

The superstar was spotted with her hubby Jay Z and their adorable little nugget Blue Ivy (pictured much further below), leaving lunch at Da Silvano restaurant in Miami, Florida New York City yesterday (August 15).

If  you weren't informed already, "we"  (All Those Against The Unfair And Unjust Trayvon Martin Verdict) are boycotting Florida until its Stand Your Ground Law is reformed, repealed or overturned! #YesMiamiDoesCountAsFarAsBoycottingFloridaIsConcerned

Oops! I apologize for incorrectly stating that Beyonce and Jay Z was in the state of Florida yesterday.  I mis-read the information provided by the photo agency I use to get pictures for The Chick Fix blog.  The Carters were actually photographed leaving Da Silvano  restaurant in New York City, NOT Miami, Florida. 

I'm EXTREMELY crunk for #JusticeForTrayvonMartin, and I whole-heartedly support the ban on patronizing the state of Florida in any capacity UNTIL the state reforms, repeals or overturns its Stand Your Ground Law, but that is still no excuse to inaccurately --although mistakenly and with out malice, report that Beyonce and Jay Z were in the state of Florida when they were not. So I apologize again for the oversight...somehow I think the Carters we'll live!

Sidebar: Shout out to Beyonce's great taste in eyewear! She's rockin' the blue mirror aviators sunglasses by Ray Ban...I got a pair myself early this year and have been rockin' them ALL summer long...they go with URY'THANG!

Rihanna was snapped arriving at the Mercer Hotel in New York City this past Thursday (August 14).  I feel like Rih (may I  call you that?) is my little turnt up and at times ratchet cousin with a good heart, even better intentions, but is at times awfully misguided by her need to play tough gurla. As always, I'm rooting for you "lil cuz"!

Oprah was spotted arriving at Jimmy Kimmel Live this past Thursday in Hollywood. The mogul has been on a publicity tour the last couple of weeks promoting the Lee Daniels directed and star-studded heavy casted movie, The Butler, out in theaters TODAY!

Britney Spears was snapped walking with her new boyfriend David Lucado to Corner Bakery (Sidebar: Don't you just LOVE that place! Three words: Chocolate Whoopie PIES!!!) to grab some breakfast.

Brit-Brit certainly has a type. She seems to like those cornfed-from-down-south-use-to-be-the-star-quarterback-in-high-school looking guys. I ain't in the least bit mad at ya Brit, just making an observation!

Check out LOTS MORE pictures of these Chicks...and Baby Blue even makes an appearance, after the break!

Well hello there Munchkin! Blue has a look like she's been here (this earth) before (prior to her January 2012 birth). #SheBeKnowin'

Why does Jay Z look like he's making sure the car that just rode past them ain't the "jump-outs", haaaaaaaaaaa!!!! #YeahImOutThatBrooklynNowImDownInTribecaRightNextToDeNiroButIllBeHoodForever 

If Anyone...

Other Than...

Lady Gaga Was...

Rockin' A Face Full...

Of Canvas Paint...

I Would Side-Eye Them...But It's Gaga, BEETCHES!

Oprah, why are you disrobing out on broad street like that? This ain't your Santa Barbara crib and that Black security guard ain't Stedman...Oooh, I'm tellin' Stedman! #FreakALeek

Oh, the crimes I wouldn't commit for Rihanna's stomach! No need to gloat wench!

*sings* Hat to da back, I gotta kick my pants down real low. That's the kinda girl I am, that's the kinda girl I am! #ILoveThe90s

Photo Source: FameFlynet Pictures, Ohpix/Bauer Griffin and

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  1. I am not a fan of Bey's bra with that tank top - if she wanted to show off her bra it seems like it would've been cuter in a bright color and not just a neutral lace. Just sayin