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Brandy wore a Ekaterina Kuhareva Egyptian-inspired asymmetric dress.  Honestly,  I wasn't a fan of her dress or her boots, but she was definitely givin' face! 

The 40th anniversary of the American Music Awards were broadcast live last night (Nov. 18), at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California. 

Pink wore a bronze leather and chiffon Catherine Deane gown! She looked nice and safe. If it ain't broke...

Taylor Swift wore a Zuhair Murad embroidered sheer mini dress. I was really diggin'  T-Swizzle's grown up look...her shoes, not so much.

Carrie Underwood rocked a magenta embroidered and lace floor length capped-sleeved gown by Lebanese designed Abed Mahfouz.

Nicki Minaj wore a neon yellow-greenish Monique Lhuilllier gown. She easily had the best look of the night in my personal opinion.

Chris Brown looked scruffy, ill-fitted and just plain wrong last night and those big fat eggshell-colored sneakers that Cornbread --as in Cornbread, Earl and Me, probably wore during the filming of the 1970s flick, didn't help Chris' red carpet look one bit. #BackToSender 

No Doubt was there...they looked like, well, themselves...

Gwen Stefani wore Balmain. I sort of liked her look but there was something a little off about her exposed bra and her oversized jeweled blazer combo, that didn't quite sit well with me.

Kerry Washington wore a lace vintage-looking dress by designer Stella McCartney, and I just did not like it one bit. The dress is gorgeous but I think it would have looked better on someone a bit taller with more curves and of a darker hue. I also wasn't a fan of the matchy matchy clutch Kerry wore or her salmon colored pumps. Kerry usually sets it off on the red carpet, but last night wasn't one of those times. Hey, you can't win them all!

Christina Aguilera wore a Pamela Roland tie-dye purple gown.  I have to start by saying that I have never met a "purple" I didn't like! With that said, although X-tina was givin' va-va-voom, I'm not sure if it was her red carpet pose or the camera angle, but in some shots the dress looked awesome on her and then in other shots, the dress seemed to give her added curves she didn't need. All and all, I thought Christina looked stunning. The bob cut really works well on her bone structure!

Ummmm, first of all how GORGEOUS is Kelly Rowland! I thought Kelly's Naeem Khan's mini was not only cute, but appropriate for her role as  a presenter at the AMAs. I need to get a closer look at her shoes because I'm still on the fence about them.

Actress Hayden Panettiere's shimmered in her Giorgio Amarni cocktail dress --both cute and appropriate for a presenter! Now her Giuseppe Zanotti shoes were just a'ight.

Model and reality-host, Heidi Klum rocked a Alexandre Vaultier gold lace turtleneck dress  at the AMAs. #HotMama

Jordin Sparks wore this mixed-patterned and netted, floor-length Etro gown...HATED IT! The color and pattern of this dress was not only totally wrong for a red carpet look --*Dwight voice* where's the dram-MER? But it also kind of washed poor Jordin out. I'm all for experimenting with your look, but let's just say this experiment should never be repeated again!

Gloria Estefan rocked an iridescent green Talbot Runhof gown. The color of the dress gave her look that extra sumptin sumptin'! *sings while doing a quick Salsa 2-step* Come on shake your body baby, do the conga... 

Rapper J. Cole hit up the AMAs! Now his ensemble *scratches head*...not sure where or what he was going for with this look...

Justin Bieber went with an all-black everything look with the exception of his shoes (see pic further down), and spruced up his look by throwing a leather shirt in the mix. More on Justin's look below.

Actress Ginnfer Goodwin wore a super cute Oscar de la Renta frock! Work booski! I wasn't particularly a big fan of Ginny's (we cool like that in my head) make-up. Her make-up was almost the same color of her dress...WIPE OUT!

Actress/comedian Jenny McCarthy looked super chic in her Dolce & Gabbana look!

When did X-tina get a donk...(-_-) ?

*sings* Curtissss! Rapper Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson was a presenter at last nights AMAs.

I was diggin' Heidi's earrings too!

Carrie was joined on the red carpet by her husband, Canadian hockey player, Michael Andrew.
Pret-tee gurl!

Just beautiful!

I can't believe this...

use to be this! What happened to the fresh face "Yo, Excuse Miss" Chris?
This Chris

and this Chris, was perfectly okay too!

Gloria was joined on the red carpet by her husband, producer Emilio Estefan.

Justin was joined on the red carpet by his mother, Pattie Mallette. As for Justin's look, I thought it was age appropriate as well as award appropriate until we got to the knee. Biebs leg warmer-looking quilted leggings will NEVER. BE. OK...NEVAHHH!

Justin's red and black spiked Unif loafers were hotness!

Sidebar: Why is this guy prettier than most's not right, but it's ok!

Kelly Rowland and actress Elisha Cuthbert presented the award for "Favorite Artist - Electronic Dance Music (Edm). Did I mention Kelly is stunning? I know I did, but it just needed to be stated again!

Smile *P!nk smiles*, don't smile, haaa! #MovieQuotesIReciteAdNauseum

See what I mean!

Hayden is all grown up! Can't believe this is the same little girl from "Remember The Titans." Isn't she lovely!

P!nk was joined on the red carpet by her husband, motor-cross racer Carey Hart.

Isn't Jordin such a cutie patootie!

Told y'all this gown was not the biz.

Whoa-DERE! No wonder Rihanna and Kinu Karrueche don't seem to mind sharing him.

Where has Luda Luda been hiding? Sidebar: How old is Chris again...he's legal right? *devilish grin* Cool!

Christina is giving Pitbull the "why are you standing in MY light when you're JUST a feature on MY song side-eye," haaa!


Kelly's look is all types of disrespectful. Fire your stylist, if you have one. And if you don't have one, well, therein lies the problem.

Wonders what Mariah would make of this photo...

Photo: Getty Images North America and Bauer-Griffin

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