Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Nas recently released his Cherry Wine music video off his 11th studio album, Life Is Good. The video also features footage of the late soul singer Amy Winehouse.

You Chicks and Dicks already know how I feel about Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones, but every time I see him I just want to say, 'straighten up your posture, damn it!Nas’ posture reminds me of this guy I use to know, who had the same horrible posture, but I digress. 

I don’t want Nas to become Benzino-like --body all looking like it’s in a perpetual shrug. 

Anywayz doe, I dig the Cherry Wine video!

Check out Solange's Losing You video after the break!

Solange recently released the Losing You music video off her upcoming album.

The video was shot in various parts of Cape Town, South Africa.

I really like the arrangement of Losing You and the fact that Solange used South Africa as the back drop to tell her story.

I also love the prints and eye-catching color combinations she wore in the video  --especially the orange pants suit with the green printed blouse look!

The party and the bus scene reminded of a few Fela Kuti pictures from back in the day.

For the most part, I like the Losing You music video, but Solange's awkward dancing was a little comical weird.

I also didn’t understand how the video related to the lyrics of the song…is it a guy you're talking about losing or the loss of your African ancestry as a result of slavery I know I'm reaching just a bit…the video didn’t really convey the actual lyrics of the song, but since when has that mattered anyway!

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