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British actress and latest Bond Girl, Naomie Harris, sparkled, dazzled and dipped it, popped it, twerked it and STOPPED IT and WOW'd everyone with her Marios Schwab Spring/Summer ready-to-wear (RTW) '12 gown on the red carpet of the upcoming James Bond movie, Skyfall, this past Wednesday (Oct. 24) at the Royal Albert Hall in London. *wipes sweat from forehead* Whew, I typed a mouthful! See this runway look after the break!

Naomie and Bond star --Daniel Craig, snap for the kids...several times over, at the Skyfall premiere!
Halle Berry *Hurricane Chris voice* Halle Bury! flashes her million dollar smile at the premiere of her new movie Cloud Atlas, at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood California this past Wednesday (Oct. 24)! Get more info on Halle's look after the break!

The Academy Award-Winning Champs...Are HERE! Halle flicks it up with two of her fellow Academy award-winning Atlas co-stars, Tom Hanks and Susan Sarandon.

Oprah visited Good Morning America (GMA) yesterday (Oct. 25) in NYC and rocked some pretty eye-catching foot-wear!

After Lady O's visit to GMA, she changed into some comfortable but equally attention-grabbing footwear. Get more info on both of Oprah's eye-catching foot-wear designs after the break!

Check out more pictures after the break, plus find out the designers behind Naomi, Halle and Oprah's look!

Naomie changed into another one of Marios Schwab designs from his ready-to-wear Spring '12 collection, for the afterparty of Skyfall...LOVIN' every inch of both of Nay-Nay's looks for the night! 

Where you sayin' something? Uh uh, you can't tell Naomie and Daniel NUFFIN!

...because she can!

Marios Schwab's Spring/Summer '12 RTW runway look! 

Naomie donned these Nicholas Kirkwood Autumn/Fall '12 sandals sans the feathers on the red carpet and the movie premiere after party.

Another one of Marios Schwab's Spring/Summer '12 RTW runway looks! Naomie wore this look to the after party of the Skyfall premiere.

The cast and crew of Cloud Atlas at the premiere (l-r: actors James D'Arcy, Zhu Zhu, David Gyasi, Halle Berry, Keith David, directors Tom Tykwer, Lana Wachowski --fuchsia hair (If you recall, Lana use to be Larry Wachowski as in Larry and Andy, "The Wachowski Brothers." Lana is now living her life as a trans-gendered female.  The Wachowski siblings rose to stardom after "writing and directing" (according to an African-American writer by the name of Sophia Stewart, the Wachowskis committed copyright infringement by heavily relying on her manuscript, Third Eye, which she submitted in 1986 as part of a science fiction book competition, sponsored by the Wachowskis. Stewart alleges that the Wachowskis later used her manuscript to create the Matrix trilogy movies. Things that make you go hmmm!), Andy Wachowski, actors Jim Broadbent, Susan Sarandon, Doona Bae, Jim Sturgess and Tom Hanks)!

Halle wore a Dolce & Gabbana silver-metallic lace bustier cocktail dress. She completed her look with a pair of Versace Fall '12, grey platform pumps.

46 you say? *Whitney voice* Where are the receipts because Halle doesn't look a day over 35! 

Versace Fall '12 grey and metal platforms...*ponders how I can get in Donatella's circle of close friends she gives trunks of  the latest Versace fashions to* Hey Donna gurl! 'Can I call you that?' say? Well damn!

Oprah's face reads: These shoes are killin' a playa. Where is my Towne car?

Oprah rocked these Christian Louboutin "Tibu 120mm" suede pumps in red during her GMA visit. The "Tibu" also come in a blue multi-color.

After Oprah visited GMA, she was later snapped shopping at the high-end "Morgane Le Fay" boutique in Soho, NYC, wearing some really comfortable-looking slippers. I don't blame O one bit. I know those Loubou's were likely KILLIN' her feet softly, haaa! 

I see the rest of the GMA crew got in on the comfy slippers look! Do I smell an Oprah's Favorite Things (OFT) plug? Hmmm... I already posted these pics of Miss O in DC a couple of weeks ago, taping her coveted OFT special with military families. I got my eye on you Lady O...don't nothing get past old Otis (Yes, you're correct! That was a Martin reference)!

If you are like me and you're curious about these comfy/cute slippers, have no fear...I got you covered! These slippers are called "Fuzzy Friends Women's Frog." They run one-size-fits-all and...*wait for it*...they will only cost you $22 ($26 and change after taxes) on --if you feel so inclined to purchase a pair (I did, don't judge me, ha ha! Don't look at me like that, darn it! As I always say when I snag a good deal on an item I really had no intention on purchasing prior to seeing it in a store or online...God wanted me to have them! It really does help me to alleviate any feelings of guilt I may have about a particular purchase... *shrugs*).

Source:, Bauer Griffin, Getty Images North America and Alessandro Garofalo for 

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