Wednesday, September 5, 2012


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By Fake R&B Thug

For about the last four years President Obama has been described as a socialist, communist and/or Marxist. Some people have also questioned his religion and his place of birth. These are all tactics used to paint the President as an “other,” subliminally speaking, “he is not one of us,” or harsher – he’s a nigger!

The fact is America has a shameful history in terms of racial equality. Many people would like to forget this country’s past and think of America as a shiny city upon a hill. However, it is not. This country did (e.g. slavery, Jim Crow laws, employment, criminal justice system) and still does (banking loans, employment, criminal justice system,) treat people of color, disportionately. The people who call the President a socialist, communist and/or Marxist, do so purposely to rile up the ignorant segments of this country. You know the people that take everything that Fox News says at face value; think border patrol laws need to be stricter because “the Mexicans are taking all the jobs”; and/or throw peanuts at an African-American camerawoman during the Republican National Convention, in an attempt to “feed the animals.”

Let’s get to the root of this ‘President Obama is a socialist, communist and/or Marxist’ rhetoric.

Obama the Communist/Socialist

Argument: Obama wants to rob the wealthy and give to the poor.

In mid October 2008, the then presidential candidate Sen. Obama, meet with a voter named Joe Wurzelbacher and they discussed tax cuts for small business owners and how the cut would trickle down to tax cuts for healthcare benefits for said small business owner and his employees. During their conversation, Obama made a statement regarding “spreading the wealth,” i.e., each tax bracket should be paying their fair share taxes.

Sen. McCain, the woman “who can see Russia from [her] house” in Alaska (o_0 ?),
Fox News and other right-leaning news organization in the final weeks of the campaign, used Obama’s “spread the wealth” statement in an attempt to paint him as a president who would take your money and give it to people who did not work as hard as you did to earn it…Commie bastard!

The right-wing smear campaign did not help Sen. McCain win the 2008 presidential election, so they decided to continue spreading this misinformation for the next 4 years in an effort to secure the presidential election in 2012.

Obama the Muslim 

Argument: Obama is a Muslim + the terrorists who want to destroy America are Muslim (see: 911 terrorist, Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, etc…) = we can’t trust Obama.

The President’s full government name is Barack Hussein Obama II. His father was a Muslim, whom the President only met and formed a relationship with during his father’s 5-week visit to Hawaii when the President was 10 years old. The President was actually raised by his mother and maternal grandparents in a Christian household, but some motards (moron + retard) think he is the real life Manchurian Candidate. A person with evil intentions who is trying to ruin our country from within the highest office in the land…you know, your regular right-wing extremist bullshit.

Obama the Naturalized Citizen

Argument: Obama was not born in the United States = legally, he is NOT the President of the United States of America.

Birtherism is a conspiracy theory dreamed up by whiny losers to delegitimize President Obama. The theory is that Barack Hussein Obama II was born in Kenya, but his mother and father knew he was going to be president someday (it was clear as water that a biracial man, from a low economic upbringing with a hard to pronounce Muslim name, with would one day be President of the United States *insert sarcasm to the 100th power*). So Stanley Ann Dunham called her parents who were living in Hawaii and told them to put Barack’s birth announcement in the local paper and blah blah blah blah, BLAH! 

This is all crazy horseshit and I don’t feel like discussing this argument any further.

Now the people that have been talking this birther nonsense are either slow or attention-seeking whores, from congressional members of the House to the likes of Orly Taitz, Joe Arpaio and Donald Trump. However, something happened last week in Michigan. Willard Mitt Romney (Willard? Seriously, dude?) made a joke about nobody ever asking to see his birth certificate. Some passed Willard’s comment off as a bad attempt at humor, but most saw it for what it was –an attempt to cast the President of the United States of America as an “other” i.e., immigrant, non-red blooded American. Bluntly said, legally, he is NOT the President of the United States.

This is by all accounts the last presidential election where the Republicans can count on a huge majority of white voters to carry them to victory. If the GOP loses the White House in November they know that Obama will sign comprehensive immigration reform and the Dream Act, which would ensure qualifying undocumented youth would be eligible for a 6 year long conditional path to citizenship. These 2 reforms will likely lock up the Latino vote for the Democratic Party for decades.

Moreover, trying to pit whites and blacks against each other for political gain has been going on for decades in this country. Former President Richard Nixon came up with the southern strategy in the late 1960s and the GOP has been using it ever since.

The uniqueness of Barack Hussein Obama II aka the President of the United Sates, that I think these lunatics sometimes forget, is that he’s HALF WHITE…Kansas White to be exact!


  1. If Obama is a communist, what am I? An anarchist, a totalitarian? Obama represents everything that the US have represented: savage capitalism, naive ideology of manifest destiny of America, America as a whole country and world savior instead of a continent, military interventionism for oil and power, neoliberalism... and we can go on and go on. The redistribituion of the wealth is a must, from we are far away. In spanish we have a say: "de Guatemala a Guatepeor" (from Guate"bad" to Guate"worst", a word game with the name of a country). I don't envy you, pals. I live in a country with problems, but at least we have real options to vote of every side of the politics, free education, free health, and free culture.
    hello from Argentina

  2. Ummm...sweetie, please find the nearest EXIT sign...and leap yo' butt out of this blog! This is a PRO President Barack Obama blog and although we usually like to allow differing opinions to voice their opinions on said blog, this is one topic where you either with us, e.g. PRO President Obama or against us, e.g. we don't care about your opinions NOR are they welcome on this blog. Bye bye! Yours Truly, ~RR

  3. ***Correction*** *you're* either with us

  4. Thank you for reading my post and visiting Roxanne’s blog.

    You are criticizing the United States of America when you are writing from South America’s Balls……Really. You live in a country that you say everything is free, of course everything is free in Argentina your country’s currency is the Peso. A bum roaming the streets in America would live like a King in the Tina. Also you live in a country where prostitution is legal; I guess that is also a part of being free. And that part about the US being the World’s savoir, well if China or Russia decides to invade the Tina your weak ass military won’t stop them. Then you will be on your knees begging the USA to save you from the bullies. Look Argentina seems like a great place to visit, but I have no plans of moving out of the GREATEST country in the World for South America’s Ballsack!

    Hello from the most powerful city in the World Washington, DC