Tuesday, March 6, 2012


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"I know ain't no one...Raw is still the No. 1 box office concert movie in history. So, I don't know what record nobody broke, Kevin."  
"I ain't been on stage in 27 years and they still trying to break my records, God bless y'all *giggles that I'm already me laugh*."
Eddie Murphy's statement in response to an interviewer from Black Tree TV asking him his thoughts on the rumor that comedienne Kevin Hart's Laugh At My Pain broke Eddie's box office sales for stand up comedy movie.

According to Box Office Mojo, Raw was shown in 1,494 theaters and grossed a total of $50,504,655 in 1987. While Laugh At My Pain was shown in 287 theaters and grossed a total of $1,908,420 in 2011.

Check out the video interview of Eddie plus news about him possibly playing James Brown in a Spike Joint after the break!

Although Eddie's Raw was in 5x more theaters than Kevin's Laugh, Raw still grossed $50 + million in 19 freaking 87.

Movie tickets cost way less back then, so I can only imagine how many movie tickets Raw sold to gross $50 + million!

Eddie is...*Muhammad Ali voice* one of THEE greatest of all times!

Kevin is definitely the most entertaining new comic to come around in a long time, but he hasn't reached Eddie Murphy status just yet, and I think he's fully aware of that. 

Besides, both comics have love for each other, a point which Eddie stated during this interview.

I also recall seeing Eddie supporting Kevin during his Laugh At My Pain premier. As a matter of fact, everybody and their god daddy came out to support Kevin during that premier, which shows how much he's truly liked and respected by his peers.

Sidebar: I REALLY hope Spike Lee gets this James Brown and Martin Luther King Jr. biopic made, and Eddie plays James and possibly Martin with DC's finest, Jeffrey Wright being considered as well for the role of Martin.

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