Monday, February 13, 2012


This morning talk show host Wendy Williams began her show by remembering "The Voice," the legendary singer Whitney Houston, who passed away unexpectedly this past Saturday (Feb. 11) in Los Angeles, California.

As Wendy began to detail how she first came to know Houston and how her arrival into the music industry influenced not only her peers, but a generation of black woman and young girls across the world, the outspoken talk show host began to openly sob.

Many of you are aware of the infamous Whitney-Wendy interview that took place live on-air back in 2003, where many me say that Whitney READ Wendy her no one had ever done before. 

Some me may even feel that although at one point Wendy had the top rated radio show in the No. 1 market (New York), it was the infamous Whitney interview that put Wendy on the map --nationally, which led to Wendy having a top-rated talk show on network television,  well into its third season.

One thing I will say is that although Wendy was critical of Whitney in 2003 and more recently after Whitney's 2-part interview on the Oprah Winfrey Show back in 2009, I believe it came from a place of love.

Wendy is a Cancer like myself and we're known to be straight shooters, who have a strong aversion to political correctness and/or sugar coating serious situations. Wendy was extremely vocal about Whitney's problems because Wendy likely saw her former self in Whitney. Wendy has been vocal about her past addiction to cocaine and crack. 

Wendy admits she was harsh in her critique of Whitney's last interview with Oprah back in 2009 because Wendy believed Whitney had yet to wholeheartedly acknowledge her addiction and take the most effective steps to remedying her addiction.

As someone who not only idolized and emulated Whitney growing up, I'm still devastated and truly hurt by her passing. So much so, I still haven't been able to bring myself to blog an official post on Whitney's passing because to do so would mean I would have to face the true and hard fact that Whitney is gone and will not be coming back...ever! 

Anyway, check out Wendy's tearful video after the break!

If you would like to listen to the infamous Whitney-Wendy 3-part radio interview head on over to The Chick Fix's Facebook page aka Whitney Houston central and scroll down to my status update from yesterday at 9:17am to listen!

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  1. Wow with all the plastic surgery Wendy's had over the years, I did not know she still had tear ducts!