Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Yo' --strong emphasis on "yo'" girl is back at it again! 

You know the routine the cream. Earrings you know the drama Biggie bring. Let's get it on  Karrine "Superhead" (Murder Inc. and dems words...not mine!) Steffans follows when it's time to slang dem books...all sexually provocative everythang! 

And a'int sh!t change.

Karrine recently upload pictures from her Drink Fuck Sleep book cover photoshoot. She also conducted a short interview where she revealed (#StuntQueenMoves) that she still loves Reginae and dem daddy, hip hop star Lil Wayne.

Check out the video and more shows and cabarets pictures after the break!

At the 1:41 mark... 
Random Interviewer: You love him [Lil Wayne]?Karrine Steffans: Always.RA: You think you and him have a crazy connection [Roxxy:*inserts side-eye*]?KS: Yep. Crazy connection, yepRA: Aren’t you married though…how does that work? [Roxxy: #TheShade, #Haaa!]
Karrine inserts her best sexy face and then the screen fades to black...

Lil gurl if you don’t stop playing deez games and go be a mother to your likely neglected and emotionally scarred son and 86 these webcam-get-random-friend-to-interview-me stuntastical queen-type moves…you're going to force my hand...and I'm going to have to call Child Protective Service on you! 

*Joan Clayton voice* What? As an officer of the court...I'm duty bound!

Unless you got some never before seen footage of Bobby Brown on your couch, (now that was pure comedy)...a'int nobody goin' to buy dat book! 

Karrine knows exactly what she's doing and who her audience is --and the Evelyn-Chrissy-Tami fan club and toothless hood boogers everywhere seem to really dig her steelo, so she must be doing something right *insert major sarcasm*.

Photos + Video: Karrineandco.com

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