Monday, February 13, 2012


I couldn't stop crying..."why does it hurt so bad, why do I feel so sad?"


Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett

*Joe Clark voice* ..and I cried out my God why have thou forsaken me? *rolls eyes*
Check out more performance pictures and some backstage/audience pictures, after the break!

My motivation...look at those bods!

My Deli cleaned up REALS nice!

Tony Bennett receives his award for his collaboration with Amy Winehouse, and Winehouses' parents accept the award on their daughter's behalf.

Twerk sumthin, twerk, twerk twerk!

Chris Brown accepts his Best R&B album from Common and the two men embrace and plot to snuff Drake when they see him!

Lady Antebellum

Adam Levine of Maroon 5 with one of the Beach Boys during their totally awesome dude performance! *sings* Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna to take ya... Sidebar: Where was Uncle Jessy during this performance? 

I'll of youuuu Whitney!

The Boss and Paul McCartney 

Although Chris is MOS DEF a bun and like to rush that word to Boyz In Tha Hood, in this case Stevie's lucky he's blind because Breezy's tat tat tatted up chest all exposed is not appropriate for this occasion 

Reginae and her pappy!

A. Keys and Bruno must share the same hairstylist

No serious, what's in DE hell is going with my homie Lady G's eyes in this picture (and the further up the page)??? Can you say Bob Whitfield and Musiq Soulchild rolled up into one!

Pretty girls...ask them what do they like!

Foolishness personified! 

Photos: Getty Images, Wire Images and Film Magic

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