Monday, January 23, 2012


Can you Chicks and Dicks guess who this gorgeous lady is now?

I'll give you a hint!

She only messes with wheelas, dealas and killas!

She recently started dating a guy who did 28 years for murder and when she told her son, he replied like any good son would do and said, *insert blank stare* "well, that doesn't make him a bad person." 

She currently resembles the head of one of the world's most luxurious and successful fashion brands.

Check after the break to discover who's that chick!

Big Ang and Donatella Versace could easily go for twins...yikes!

Why it's none other that VH1's Mob Wives' new cast member, Big Ang!

I said it before and I'll say it again, although Big Ang has a face NOW that only a mother could love, she is quickly becoming my favorite cast member on Mob Wives.

She has the best one-liners, an infectious yet startling laugh and seems to be a good-natured, fun-loving lady! 

I'd hang out with her anytime! 

Big Ang recently dished to VH1's blog that she had a huge crush on the real Teflon Don aka John Gotti back in the day.
We’ve all seen the clip of you talking about finding a nice wise guy to take care of you. If you could create your dream wise guy, who’s your ideal man? What qualities does he have? 
Big Ang: Oh, John Gotti. I thought he was the most handsomest, classiest, and I personally knew him. That’s…the kinda guy I like. *laughs* That’s definitely the guy. He was so handsome, and the way he used to carry himself and walk into places, I’d be like 'Hi, John!!' I knew him, and that’s the kind of guy I’m talking about. I knew John before he became who he was and he was handsome from the day he was…I used to work in a big wise guy bar in Brooklyn called The Nineteenth Hole and he used to come, and he wasn’t even “John Gotti” like he was when he died, he was nobody at the time. Matter of fact, I think he had just come home from jail, he wasn’t even a wise guy then. He was just so handsome, I used to stare at him all the time.

Big Ang was such a beautiful woman...I keep telling y'all that plastic surgery is DE devil! #JustSayNoKids


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