Tuesday, January 31, 2012


*Joe Clark voice* You disappoint me sis...you disappoint me! Zoe Saladana came to the SAGA Awards in this Givenchy montrosity looking all types of wrong for the umpteenth time! I mean seriously, what is it going to take for you to get it together style wise? #LostCause

Kristen Wiig looked like an upside down sack of potatoes... with a bejeweled chocker on it, in this Balenciaga gown.

Tilda Swinton manly muscular build was accentuated in a very VERY very bad way in this Lavin gown! Can you say linebacker!

Tina Fey...NOPE!
Girl, you need to start keeping the tags and receipts on these red carpet mishaps you call gowns and get yo' money back! How could you Versace...I understand a check is a check, but this should be considered a crime the way you dressed Tina!
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First of all,  EAT. SOMETHING. DAMN. IT! Angelina Jolie showed up on the red carpet looking BEYOND malnourished in this Jenny Packham dress that was not made for her body type...which is skeletor!

Emma....NOOOOO! Emma Stone's Alexander McQueen dress was disappointing. I'm just saying you can do betta...Em! Better luck at the Oscars!

Little kids or in this case teens are not exempt from the shade. With that said, I'm not feeling Ariel Winter's Collette Dinnigan dress in the least bit! However, those Miu Miu  pumps are a nice addition!

Brad Pitt and Angelina just look...BAD...I'm mean what is really going on in that house of yours?

Those cute shoes did not save you, boo!
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