Monday, January 16, 2012



No, no, no to Michelle Williams' deep blue velvet-teen embroidered monstrosity!
Mila Kunis with her 'phuck effort' dress! #Booooo
Maya Rudolph...NOPE!
Jodie Foster tried, but just not hard enough! #BackToSender

Me no like Tina Fey's dress.
The color of the dress did not compliment Resse Witherspoon's skin tone and the 'just finish sexin' hair made things worse...unless she really did just finish sexin', ha ha!
Elle Macpherson...girl stop playin'!
 The way Rob Lowe and his wife Sheryl Berkoff look on this carpet, I totally believe his former personal assistant allegations. They look pervy as heck...and wrong in every way shape, way and form!
Kelly Osbourne's entire look ages her about 30 years. #Fail
Modern Family's Julie Bowen looks bad...bad meaning bad! The color of the dress washes her completely out.
Bridesmaids' Melissa McCarthy red carpet look was a big N.O.!
Josh Sussman's jew 'fro looked like it needed a couple droplets of pink moisturizer (no, but seriously does anyone still use that god-awful product?) to luxuriate his situation.
Now Nicole Richie knows better!
"If you ain't no punk holla we. want. prenup, we. want. prenup!"
Girl stoppppp!

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