Monday, January 16, 2012



2012 Golden Globes winner for "Best Supporting Actress" Octavia Spencer's dress was just ok! Tay-Tay in the future try and WOW us a little!
I initially tweeted that I like Freida Pinto's dress, but after a second glance, I'm kind of on the fence about it.

Mary J. Blige's dress was just a'ight. She looked very polished, but the dress wasn't something I hadn't seen done before.

Angelina Jolie's dress was actually quite stunning, but the red kind of turned me off and at the same time made the dress standout. I know it doesn't make sense, but something was just not right.

I like Evan Rachel Wood's dress from the waist down. 

Heidi Klum went super safe with her dress, but the turquoise necklace elevated her look!

I sort of like Jessica Biel's dress and then I sort of don't like it at the same time.

Love Jessica Alba's hair, skin glow and make-up, her dress was ok...too frilly and purple-ly for me (and this is coming from a girl that LIVES for that color).

Madonna and actress Andrea Riseborough showed up on the red carpet arm-and-arm. Madonna's dress was just ok from the waist up (lose the black cut glove unless it's for your arthritis). Andrea's = hated it!
I like Paula Patton's choice in color and even the dress from the knees up but I'm not a fan of her train.

Sort of like Laura Dern emerald green sparkle, and sort of don't like it, but I definitely HATE the belt.

I like the style and cute of Kristen Wiig's dress, but the color is what makes it blah.

Amber Riley dress serves it purpose... *Kanye shrug* I guess!

Little Ritchie's girlfriend on Family Matters is all grown up! Naya Rivera almost got it right...subtract the crease down the middle of the dress and add a seamstress to alter the dress to fit and Volia!

Sarah Michelle Gella threw safe by the waist side and donned this Monique Lhuillier dress I featured on this blog months ago. I like the dress,  but just maybe not on her I think.

Despite an earlier wardrobe malfunction, Modern Family's Sarah Hyland managed to keep it cute!

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