Saturday, September 10, 2011


K.P. & Envyi was a female Hip Hop and R&B duo consisting of Khia Philips (K.P.) and Susan Hedgepath (Envyi), best known for their 1997 hit single, Swing My Way.

Swing My Way was released on East West Records which fell under Warner Music Group's Independent Label Group. The single peaked at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 and at #14 on the UK Singles Chart.

Check out the video after the break!

"Then I walked over to him slowly, said I know that you don't know me, but this might be my only, shot at a tenderoni..."

Feel free to clown me, but you can't front, this song was the joint back in the day.

Sidebar: Call it a hunch, but I have a sinking suspicion that when the D. Woods look-a-like rhymed for shorty to swing her way the "shorty" she was referring to, was likely batting on the same team!

And how funny is it that the "Shorty" in question in the video is none other than super producer Polow Da Don aka "King of the White Girls" --his words, not mine!

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