Friday, September 2, 2011


During MTV's Video Music Awards, rapper Nicki Minaj finally released a video for her single Fly which features Rihanna, who also lent her vocals for the chorus on the single.

Check out more music videos from Lil Mama and Wale featuring Jeremih and Rick Ross plus flixs of Nicki's Glamour Magazine spread (dey bomb!), after the break!

I guess Lil Mama took the advice of her fans who called up to The Breakfast Club radio show a month or so back and encourage her to return to  music because the rapper recently released a video for her single Scrawberry

The single sample's Special Ed's popular and heavily hip hop sampled hit record I Got It Made.

You won't find any shade here! Ever since I watched Lil Mama's confident and borderline delusional (ok, I lied, just a little bit of shade...I couldn't resist!)  yet heartfelt interview with The Breakfast Club...what can I say...she got in (my heart) a little! #ImASoftie

D.C.'s Gaithersburg, Maryland own, rapper Wale recently released a music video for his single That Way

The single has been blowing up the airwaves for at least a month and features Def Jam's Jeremih (#bun), who hook on the chorus makes That Way in my personal opinion. 

The song also features Rick I Let  50 Cent Disrespect Me To The Fullest And Never Thought To Run Up On Him, But I Will Have My Security Run Up On A Little Harmless Female Rapper And Her Manager At The VMAs Ross! #ThickWanksta #StuntQueen

I've been withholding my comments for the longest with regards to Wale, for the simple fact that he reps D.C.; he is of Nigerian-descent and he is actually a decent MC.

However, to say I haven't been feeling him since his Shake It single (he killed the No Hands and Pretty Girls remix but that's simply not enough) would be an understatement. 

I'm not even going to go there with his consistent emotional Twitter outburst aimed at the likes of bored high school kids just trying to get a rise out of him to video chick that merely state an unflattering opinion about him.

Does the saying "cut your clothes according to your size" ring a bell (i.e. You don't acknowledge mean-spirited/negative comments from people that are not on your level, intellectually, developmentally and so forth)? 

I supported Wale's debut album by purchasing a copy for my brother as a birthday present as well as featured him on this blog a couple of times, but he'll have to come better the next go around before I can even consider supporting his stuff.

You Chicks and Dicks already know how much I LIVE for this Jeremy Scott 'fit Nicki is rocking! I featured this same dress back in February (as well as recently on The Chick Fix's Twitter page) on this blog during my New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011 coverage!

Rapper Nicki Minaj is featured in this month Glamour Magazine spread "test driv[ing] Fall 2011’s [b]rightest [t]rends."

 I can't even front...Nicki looks AMAZING in every 'fit! I would mos def rock each and every one of these looks...don't hurt'em boo!

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