Friday, August 19, 2011


We rough it off...we rough-rough it off!

According to WUSA Channel 9 News, a flashmob consisting of 10 teenage girls recently robbed a convenience store in NW DC.
"Ten women in fact and all caught on tape. Store surveillance video shows the women casually walking into the Northeast Washington convenience store and shopping. Some are carrying plastic bags. Others cover their faces, as if they know they're being caught on camera. The female thieves grab candy, chips, sodas and ice cream---roughly five items each. At one point, they even load up a shopping bag, before running out in a pack. The lone store clerk called police."
 Dag, we going like dat now? *Silently and shamefully wishes I thought of this idea in my petty shopping lifting hey days.*

The most hilarious part about the whole thing is hearing the newscaster rambled off the types of items the young women stole…“the female thieves grab candy, chips, sodas and ice cream---roughly five items each.” 

What, no barbecue/ranch sunflower seeds or Now Laters? Nah, you right that would've been o'ding!

Then the newscaster asks passerbyers their thoughts on the flashmob heist and of course there is always one ignant goon in the bunch. One male interviewer responded, “dey didn’t go in dere in get no money, so they must’ve been going to get sumthin’ to eat.”

So young, so black, so eloquent!

Flashmob roughin’ as I like to call it, is becoming increasingly popular in the D.C. metropolitan area. Just last week a group of 30 teens in Germantown, Maryland organized a convenience store flashmob heist.

As for the flashmob that consisted of 10 teen girls, police investigators told the store clerk on duty that they know who these young ladies are, and they will take action. 

Stop swelling! They’re just trying to scare the culprits into coming forward and/or getting their friends to rat on them.

Remember kids, stealing is bad...very, very bad!

Check out the video of the flashmob heist after the break!

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