Monday, August 15, 2011


She fine...Halle Berry who celebrated her 45th birthday yesterday, was spotted basking in the Malibu sun.

A very pregnant Mel B took a stroll with her two daughters, Phoenix and Angel

Ms. Patti Patti was spotted out in Beverly Hills in a 'fit looking all types of foolishness. She gets a pass because she usually throws it on and I don't want to get popped!
My girl Jill Scott was spotted performing at the Hoodie Awards out in Vegas.

Jill and Anthony Hamilton perform...ok, don't hurt Jilly from Philly!

Angelina Jolie was spotted taking the kiddies to see Shrek

Lindsay Lo Lo was spotted leaving a hotel in NYC.  I wish this girl would start seriously acting again. She may be a recovering basehead, but her talent is undeniable.

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Former Danity Kane member Aubrey O'Day was spotted attending a Gay Pride weekend event in Orange County with a drank in hand and her breasteses served!

CNN's Soledad O'Brien was spotted on the red carpet at her charity foundation function in the Hamptons

Former View co-star Star Jones was spotted at The Soledad O'Brien and Brad Raymond Foundation charity in the  Hamptons. Star's in great shape, but this 'fit is not age appropriate...maybe 20 years ago Star!

Jason Momoa (Lisa Bonet's Lilakoi Moon baby daddy) was spotted out promoting his upcoming movie, Conan The Barbarian, which he stars in as Conan. My brother just got me hooked on HBO's Game of Thrones which Momoa also stars...I see you pimpin'!
You may know her as Joe the police from the what's going down show called That's My Momma Dr.  Melinda Warner on Law Order SVU. However the SVU star, real name Tamara Tunie, was spotted at the Hoodie Awards in her on SVU!

*Tasha from "Why Did I Get Married" voice* I'll drink to dat!

Photos: Getty Images/ Griffin

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