Wednesday, August 10, 2011


“I owe way more than $2 million in taxes. That must’ve just been the IRS. Nah, nah, I’m f—ed up.”
“They’re [IRS] auditing me. When you’re a business man, you have a lot of businesses, a lot of times they think you’re laundering money or you’re pretending you’re writing things off that you don’t.” “I’m a true businessman . As you know, I believe in my independence, I have no partners, so every dollar I make goes right back into every business I have.” [Jay-Z shade] 

Although Dame's gully and business savvy was arguably the principle force behind Jay-Z finally getting his comeupth in the hip-hop game, after many years of being turned down by labels who failed to recognize his gift, I'm going to REALLY need Dame to step up his business acumen for the remainder of 2011 and beyond.

It seems like every time Dame's name has been mentioned in the press in the last couple of years, it's always attached to some form of brokeassness. F--k is up?

And yes Dame, we know that Jay-Z often partners with investors in his business dealings. Granted there is a lot of things you can say about Jay-Z, but being broke is not one!

I commend you Dame for wanting to keep your business independent but in light of your current financial situation, that choice doesn't seem to be working out for you.  Maybe you should reconsider. 

Think about it...

Source: Eurweb

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