Tuesday, August 23, 2011


A couple of weeks ago, I was tweeting (by the way, follow The Chick Fix on Twitter) about picking up some fish from Horace & Dickie's and decided that a food fix post was long overdue!

Sidebar: I just learned that the name is actually Horace & Dickie's... I've been calling it 'Horse & Dickie's' for a decades.

Horace & Dickie's is located in the historic H Street section of Washington, DC in Northeast, and is home to some of the bangin'-iest and plentiful fried fish in ALL the land!

It also doesn't hurt that the place stays open most nights until 2:00 a.m. 

Owner Dickie is an Atlantic City native who decided to set up shop in the Nation's Capitol 20 some odd years ago. Horace the former co-owner is deceased. 

Although Horace & Dickie's is a small local carryout restaurant, the food is SO good and plentiful that word spread and the good folks at the Travel channel's Man vs. Food  decided to feature Horace & Dickie's on its popular show.

Check out Horace & Dickie's Man vs. Food episode, and more videos and photos after the break!

Man vs. Food

Simone Shannon of Horace & Dickie's

I love everything about Horace & Dickie's except for the wheelers, dealers and killers that some times hang out in front of the restaurant.

Oh and those long lines be tryin' it too!

Check out Horace & Dickie's site  and Facebook fan page!

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