Sunday, August 14, 2011


Check out a 8-minute sneak peek (plus 3 exclusive photos) of tomorrow's episodes of VH1's Basketball Wives 3 reunion, after the break of course!

So from the looks of the sneak peek it seems the 'popular girls' (Tami's words, not mine! Sidebar: who says the phrase 'popular girls' after the age of 12?) are giving Royce the silent treatment! #PettyMuch?

To be honest from the sneak peek it doesn't seem like there will be much drama in Part 1 of the reunion episode. Being a self proclaimed reality TV connoisseur and all, if there is one thing I've learned, it's that the producers almost always place a smidgen of the most drama-filled scenes in the sneak peek! Umm...

Can I first just say that Shaunie is wearing the shit out of dat dress and her hair (digging the color contrast) and make-up are OVER hunti!!! I see you boo!

Ok now that we got the niceties out of the way, I've been so disappointed in Shaunie's portrayal since last season when her, the 'popular girls' and Royce took a field trip to Orlando and swooped down on Gloria Govan and ole ragged mouth gossip queen Suzie, like starving birds who had just spotted their prey.

To be clear, I have never been a fan of Gloria and probably never will...something about that chick just rubs me the wrong way! However, I found Shaunie, especially (I just expect SO MUCH more from her) and the rest of the women's behavior to be so petty! 

I understand Gloria was always stuntin' on the other Basketball Wives about how wonderful her relationship with Matt Barnes was, but  considering every single one of Basketball Wives has been hurt in their own way by an NBA player, I would expect a little more compassion, if only not taking a field trip to Orlando to bitch someone out about their failed nuptials. 

Circling back to this season, Shaunie really disappointed me how she stood idle as she allowed Meeka to be ostracized, ridiculed and assaulted (well, not so much the last part because I can understand Shaunie her not wanting to get hit) during their trip to Rome. Granted Meeka made poor decisions throughout the season by being thirsty to gain acceptance into the 'popular girls' click by any means necessary, but I really felt for her during the trip.

The dinner scene where Tami mimics Meeka whispering while the other ladies laugh and the fight scene really bothered me. Shaunie never once stepped up or at least VH1 never aired it and said this isn't right, we shouldn't be treating this woman like this. Not to mention no one even bothered to check on Meeka after she was bueno!

But I digress, since season 2 Tami has been my favorite to watch, but her behavior went from hilarious and good reality TV to just plain ole mean when she decided to place her hands on Meeka. And please don't give me that 'I felt threatened self-defense' crap, I am a lawyer and am well versed in the law and bullshit excuses! Just do better next season next Tami (still love you, but don't tell Meeka I said that!).

My expectations for Evelyn are always low, so there's not much to say about her. Sorry, just being honest!

I actually like Jennifer, but I just want her to be her own person. I understand that you don't always have to be the loudest in the group to get your point across, but Jen, don't let people use you to make good reality TV (hint: the whole Evelyn confronting Jen for telling the truth about Chad in a radio interview was clearly staged...the only person not in on the 'joke' was Jen, who was visibly shaken up!)

Royce is what we call in DC, a straight up bamma (i.e., couldn't dress cute to save her life), but I surprisingly like her a lot! I'll admit, the pussy-popping in the first season and her inability to spot out wanksta boyfriends annoys me to no end, but she seems to be a stand-up girl! 

Lastly, why are any of the Basketball Wives still associating with Suzie? She has proven to be a snitch on more than one occasion (Evelyn's Vegas hook-up and Meeka-Tami fight) and a punk --when Shaunie and the rest of the Basketball Wives ran up on Gloria in Orlando, Suzie's punk ass left her high and dry under the false guises of going to get the car from valet...f__kouttahere! 

Suzie has also proven that she is so thirsty to get back in the good graces of the 'popular girls' (telling Jennifer Royce's dealings with 'the knot' aka Eric before Royce spoke with Jen first), that she would sell her soul to the devil. Don't walk away from bitches!!!


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