Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Beyonce shocked everyone when she announced on the red carpet that she and hubby Jay-Z were expecting their first child. #Bella

The 2011 MTV Video Music Awards took place live at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California this past Sunday (August 28) and 'rybody and dere momma was up in dat piece...ha-man!

Nicki Minaj was spotted on the red carpet doin' da most for the least (© @bevysmith)! #ChileBye
Britney Spears was spotted at the VMAs looking non-crazy, derange like the old Britney

My girl Adele was in her what @Freshalina categorize as her "walk around Lane Bryant, [ph]uck everybody" attire looking real KAUTE! #WorkBoo

Katy Perry was beaming from ear to ear on the carpet! Shiddd, I would be too if my album tied with Michael Jackson for the most No. 1 singles on a given album. Katy has 5 No. 1 singles off her Teenage Dream album to be exact! I guess wenches better watch the throne then, huh!
Kelly Rowland was at the VMAs with her skin tan AND her hair long, i.e. lookin' realz CUTE!

My new homie, the girl with the peg leg who was the house artist at the VMAs, Jessie J! Wench can sing and she is even an accompolished songwriter. She's written songs for Chris Brown and even my favorite Miley Cyrus song, Party In The USA!

Hardworking actress Zoe Saldana popped up on the carpet looking tired as phuck.
Miley Cyrus was spotted on the carpet looking very over accessorized. I love me some Miley --front like that Party In The USA song wasn't jammin' on the 1 if you want to! I like the Cavalli dress she's wearing, but with the print being so over-the-top, she could have done without the kinked up chains and Steinmart looking daggling earrings! #BackToSender!  

Check out a GAZILLION more flixs after the break!

Kevin Hart
Lil GoGo Neyo

Loco from South Central Ron Artest

Wiz Khalifa and his lady love Amber Rose attended the VMAs. Now Amber you know good and got-damn well you she should have worn as my Nigerian aunties like to call a brassiere...aka a bra for big titty wenches! #NowGet

Justin Bieber was doin' da most on the red carpet...but how about I need them pants! What? Dem cute!

Pitbull was spotted on the red carpet...teeth lookin' yellow as a motherphucker!

Bus-a-Bus was there looking pretty decent for Busta...I see he's weening himself off the juice! #GoodDeal!

Swizz Beatz, "the monster (his words, not mine!)" joined in on the VMAs festivities!

Game took his bioplar meds and was able to join in on the VMAs festivities as well!

Paul D looking a littled cock-eyed hosted the red carpet! He's usually a #bun, but everybody has an off day!

Tyga was there looking as my grandmother use to say, "a freck-out-fool." To think I jhi use to think he was cute *runs and hides*!

Jonah Hill surprised viewers at home with his new slim and trim Rico Suave look! #WorkBoo

Vinny of Jersey Shore (JS)

Triple R aka "Roid Rage Ronnie" from JS was spotted on the carpet dressed like "shiny suit man"! #PutDemHandzDown 

Little Big Sean brought his mommy as his date! #Cuteness

Comedienne Andrew Dice Clay is trying "to come up, hold [his] own weight, [reclaim] his crown definitely to make a comeback... and I'm not even mad!

*DMX voice from Belly* Here we go againnnnn! Ace Hood, Offica Ross the biggest C.O. Boss and DJ Khaled stopped by the red carpet!

JoJo was spotted looking cute and grown as shit on the red carpet *screams like Jo Jo in her single Leave (Get Out)* LEAVEEE!!! #ForceOfHabit

Katie Holmes was granted a leave of absence from the Scientology sleep away camp she's been attending since marrying Tom Cruise all summer to attend the VMAs. Her eyes scream "SOMEONE. ANYONE. PLEASE. HELP ME!!!"

Access Hollywood's Shaun Robinson

Sammy drama queen from JS

Kim Kardashian aka #JackOfAllTradesMasterOfNone who recently got married to NBA benchwarmer player Kris Kardashian Humphries in a lavish wedding in California, was spotted at the VMAs. 

Snooki looking a mess like Snooki of JS was spotted on the carpet

Not to be out done by Snooki, Deena of JS was spotted at the VMAs looking real disrespectful!

JWOWW arrived at the VMAs looking less Lord Voldermort-ish very tame for JWOWW.

Give'em a little leg, then I take it back!

The cast of JS sans Mike "The Situation." Where art thou Situation?

It's Lil MaMa and Avril Lavigne! I just can't resist! MaMa looked pretty decent for MaMa sans her shoes.

Crustacean Kreayshawn was there too! #AMessAnd2/3

*DMX voice from Belly* Here we go againnnnn! But I like these two together...#DontJudge

Sammie's makeup = #thebomb.com!

Love Adele's 60s mod look from head to toe!

Absophuckinglutely LOVE Beyonce's Lanvin dress!


Katy and her husband Russell Brand who I'm convinced was faded off the brown...Nino after his Amy Winehouse tribute speech at the VMAs!

Photos: Getty Images North America


  1. These pics are hilarious...and the comments....here's a few...ctfu at @ yellow teeth pitbull....faded off the brown Nino....Lane bryant & Adele...roid rage ronnie....lord voldemort Jwow......disrespectful Deana...cockeyed Pauly D....I can't take it...I'm about to pee on myself...you are too funny. I love this site!!!!

  2. Agreed! I was basically going to give the same rant....Lane Bryant/Adele....Roid Rage Ronnie....Sammy did look purrty (her make-up)....and Vinny is my boo!!! And Kelly looked nice too "with her skin tan and her hair long"....LOVE IT GIRL!!!