Friday, March 18, 2011


Cam'ron's "Down and Out" was his 2nd single off his 4th studio album titled "Purple Haze," released on Roc-A-Fella Records.

Cam'ron: Now a n**** got baking to bey
Harlem shake naw I'm in Harlem shaking away
Shaking to bake, shaking to Jake's
Kill you shoot the funeral up and Harlem Shake at your wake
Kiss ya picture though you still taped in a lake
I'm laughing you couldn't wait to escape
For anyone who owed you dough I had to load the fo
I hoped a n**** heard when I said I told you so
Uh Killa

Kanye: They trying to say he (down, down)
I hear n***** saying he (down and out)
But our flow's the truest (oh)
The game's in a nuisance (no no)
Our girls is the models (oh)
They coochies the juiciest (ooooh)
Yeah they say he (down, down)
Yeah they say he (down and out)
Cause I'm back on my grind (oh)
Money back on my mind (no no)
Ye and Killa Cam (oh)
The world is mine (ooh)

This song is SO TOUGH jo! No, like fo'real the beat is disgusting; Cam'ron's flow is so *Beyonce voice* sick'anin'; Kanye's hook is the and the Sylenna Johnson's chorus is like butter baby!

Another thing I like about this song is that Cam'ron went back to really rhyming. He 86'd the oopsie daisy, loco crazy, I'm so swazy Dipset foolishness that had become synonymous with his rhymes.

Oh, and Cam'ron is a #bun too!

If you're interested you can check out the actual video (it's kind of grainy) for "Down and Out" after the break!

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