Saturday, February 26, 2011


Yesterday night (Feb. 25) two of todays leading artist, Rihanna and Ciara, engaged in a war of words. Where, you ask? Where all celebrities and non-celebrities go to shoot the verbal fair ones…on Twitter of course!

The thumb thuggin’ all started when Rihanna responded via Twitter to comments Ciara made while a guest host on E!’s Fashion Police regarding Rihanna’s alleged not so “nice” attitude.

Fashion Police co-host/gangsta tranny granny comedienne Joan River added fuel to the fire by calling Rihanna a “bitch!”

Check out the Twitter exchange between the two ladies plus view newly leaked gruesome photos of Rihanna from 2009 taken just hours after being assaulted by the singer’s former boyfriend, Chris Brown and read his Twitter response to the leaked photos after the break!

*read the timelines starting from the bottom up*

It seems that the whole situation was just a misunderstanding and I for one am glad Rihanna and Ciara squash their beef because to be quite honest, although I love the foolishness and have even been known to engage in a little Twitter war of words myself (with those who shall FOREVER remain nameless), what I don’t enjoy, is watching two talented and more importantly, relevant women argue on Twitter.

Besides, I like to leave that type of foolishness to the rejects and wannabes *cues the likes of Young Berg and Tila Tequila* of the industry.

In related news, unreliable like a motherphucker celebrity gossip site MediaTakeout recently leaked new never before seen (or at least not by the general public) pictures of Rihanna taken just hours after she was assaulted by her then boyfriend, singer Chris Brown.

The leak comes just days after a Los Angeles County Judge lifted the “stay away order" placed on Brown two years ago, after he was charged with assaulting his then girlfriend, Rihanna, just one day before the 2009 Grammys.

Donald Etra who represents Rihanna clarified to reporters, "[h]e [Brown] just can't bother her."
A protective order banning Brown from harassing, stalking or striking Rihanna stays in place, the judge said.
There are no restrictions on Brown calling or otherwise communicating with her, Etra said.
Brown was sentenced in August 2009 to serve five years probation and to spend more than 1,400 hours in "labor-oriented service" for the assault conviction. He was also ordered to complete a 52-week domestic violence program.
Brown "has done a very good job of completing the domestic violence program in a timely manner," Schnegg said Tuesday.
The restraining order previously required Brown to stay 50 yards away from Rihanna, 10 yards if the two are at the same industry event. It was set to expire in 2014, but Brown's lawyer asked the judge to lift it early.
Schnegg delayed approving the request at the last hearing until she could hear from Rihanna's lawyer.
"I have spoken to my client, and she does not object to the reduction to the stay away order," Etra told the judge Tuesday.
Brown was arrested after an early morning argument inside a rented Lamborghini on a Hollywood street on February 8, 2009. CNN
Upon learning of the leak, Brown took to his Twitter (Sidebar: How can nosey rosey folks (like yours truly) not be signed up on Twitter in this day and age with all this entertaining foolishness being served up on a platter? #Y’allTrippin’,Y’allBettaComeGetUSomeWhileTheGoin’IsGood) and remarked,
"It's ironic how 'somebody' put this out right around my album time! Wow! I guess that's supposed to be strategic chess move. Unbelievable."
He later ranted: 
"The Devil is always busy!! But when u have a destiny, nothing or no one can stop what God has planned!"
Brown later removed the above-mentioned tweets and replaced it with something a little more PC.
"*Roxxy inserts side-eye* The beauty is inside you!!! Don't let em bring you down!!!!! Beautiful people!" MTV
Roxxy Says: I swear I’m psychic y’all, I promise! Just one day before the pictures leaked a friend and I had a conversation about all the PR mishaps made on the part of Chris’ publicist and handlers during the whole assault scandal.

I had been hearing for several months that there were far worse pictures of Rihanna taken after her assault circulating around, and I knew it was just a matter of time before they surfaced.

My exact words to my friend was: ‘Watch some really bad never before seen pictures of Rihanna’s face all lumped up after Chris Ike Turner’d her, pop up just when the public starts to embrace him again.’

And lo and be hold, Chris was nominated for 3 Grammys a couple of weeks ago; he had a pretty good performance on Saturday Night Live the weekend of the Grammys and is currently set to release his 4th studio album on March 18th featuring pop sensation Justin Bieber and hip-hop heavy weight Ludacris and now these pictures leak.

Roxxy's Motto: Oh well, shit happens! It’s how you clean the 'shit' up that counts anyway!

In conclusion, can we ALL (the general public and Rihanna and Chris stans alike) collectively agree to move on because I quite frankly am getting tired of reporting on this issue! #Deuces!

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