Monday, February 14, 2011


Jay-Z's RocNation and Gucci teamed up to host a pre-Grammy brunch at the Soho House in LA this past Saturday (February 12). 

Honey Bey aka Beyonce (*singing* sistah, you've been on my mind...where the album boo?) & Rihanna
Will Smith (looking rather youthful and handsome) & Jay-Z. These men personify the phrase, "it ain't trickin' if you got it" *Martin voice* can I be down with you?

I don't care what the naysayers (which is pretty everyone) say...I LOVE the color and the YAMP (term of endearment in this case, yamp = young tramp)!

My Cancer homie Solange aka Solo
It's eery, I was rocking those same braids just in a different color last month!
Check out more pix after the break!

Seal aka Mr. Poppin' dem babies out!
Seal...what is going on with your life right now homie? You look MAD malnourish playa.
You could possibly NEVA hate fly as she is!

Adrien Brody looks quite bun-ish (fione) here...let me find out!

Camille Bella
Not familiar with her work...but the 'fit is KILLIN' (sans the baggy BIG pee pee crotch action going on)!

Love this color combination and the fabric!
Juliette Lewis

The Dream

Adrienne Bailon
Evan Ross
Lil Go-Go aka Neyo

Ellen Pompeo and her husband Chris Ivery

Florence Welch...sort of diggin' this 'fit #Don'tJudge!
Ryan Phillippe...stays with a mean mug on his face and fresh pair of like!

B-More's finest, Mario!

Fancy girls: Cassie and Lauren London --why do they look like they sat in a corner the entire brunch talking about people?

Photos courtesy of Getty Images

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