Friday, February 18, 2011


“Celebrities are SO rotten, so rotten. Celebrities are so self-centered and have no ability to care (to really care) about anything other than about their career or what people think of them."

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I have to agree with RuPaul to a certain extent.  I oftentimes question many celebrities’ sincerity when their advocating for the cause de jure. My first reaction is usually, ‘I wonder what they’re promoting this time.’

With that said, the only issue I have with RuPs (Can I call you that please?) statement is that it generalizes all celebrities. You have to remember to throw in the key words, "oftentimes", "many", and "a majority"…it’s makes it sound more PC that way, ha ha!

There are celebrities like Oprah that I feel genuinely lend their voices and money to causes because they want to and not because they want to get face time.

Sidebar: Blogger Perez Hiltonin my personal opinion is the biggest mark ass buster known to man! I find that he is only superficially passionate when it comes to causes involving the LGBT community. I say superficial becomes he does some of the most shoddy and bias reporting, particularly when covering LGBT causes on his blog.

I know that we as bloggers are held to a lower standard of credibility and grammatically correctness…but come the phuck on Perez!

Moreover, I think the whole Perez turning over a new leaf and being more kind in his blogging is a crock of shit! After Perez got dat ass tapped by Will.I.Am’s manager and then other celebrities became more vocal about their contempt for his bullying antics, Perez realized it was only a matter of time before his ass would be run out of town and so he decided to do this whole, I’ve seen the error of my ways spiel --sorry boo, but "we don't believe you, you NEED more people!"

PS, All these real celebrities (not these pop tarts and socialites) like Jennifer Aniston confronting Perez about his bullying…next time please don’t give that lame the satisfaction and stop validating him by acknowledging him!

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If you’re interested, check out the Amanda Lepore “It Gets Better” video that had RuPaul in stitches after the break!

Short and to the point...just the way I like it!

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