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The Cool Kids minus Lil GoGo: L-R: Young Jeezy, Lebron James, Jay-Z, Kanye West and Neyo at Lebron and Jay-Z's 3rd Annual 2 Kings event.

NBA All-Star weekend took place this past weekend in Los Angeles and from the pictures it looks like LA was the place to see and be seen. 

From the who's who in the sports and entertainment industry to groupie broads and local and out of town fake ballers alike, it seems that fun was had by all.

Check ALL (and I do mean ALL) the pixs from NBA All-Star weekend!

Buns: Ryan Phillippe and Lil Michael Tristan Wilds

Purty Lady: Savannah Brinson, Lebron's long-time girlfriend and mother of the NBA star's 2 sons attended the "Step Up Women’s Network" brunch during All-Star week in Los Angeles. Sidebar: Don't you just LOVE 'Vannah! I've admired the way she carries herself for quite some time. She appears to be very humble and sooooo UN-thirstylike. I think what sealed the deal for me about 'Vannah was when I watched a video that Lebron posted on Twitter of his son's 1st day of Kindergarten. Lebron, Savannah and Lebron's mother Gloria accompanied the little boy to school and Lebron began videotaping his son and his classmates. I remember as soon as Lebron tried to turn the camera on 'Vannah, she gave him the 'you know I don't even play those "all up in the video" type games'...and put an end to him filming her. She came across real chill...and I dug it...or rather her for that matter!
Rihanna --seated next to Justin Beiber brushin' the dirt off her shoulders while watchingNBA All-Star game.

Keri Hilson performed at the NBA All-Star pre-game show. 
Lenny Kravitz's (fione self) performed at the NBA All-Star.

Keri and George Lopez chat it up during the game.

Drake "I heard you good with them soft lips (Sidebar: absolutely hate this line for obvious reasons)" performs with Rih.
Rih and Kanye West perform at the half-time show during the NBA All-Star. *Ginuwine voice* in "DEM jeans...tell me is there anymore room for me...IN DEM jeans?"

L-R: Mack Mane, Lil Wayne, Maria Shriver and son, Sports Ilustrated model Christine Teigen and her boyfriend singer John Legend
Filthy..................... rich beeyatches #Winnin'!
Check many MORE pixs after the break!

All-Star Events

Drake (cheetah shirt + BET's Sunday's Best suit = #ColdBamma), Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne (looks "faded off the brown...Nino") were snapped at the IMP Entertainment & Steve Marlton Worldwide event. (Photos courtesy of
Cuties: Q-tip and my R. Kelly ambition Tristan. Sidebar: Never realized how much of a bun Q-tip was until I saw him perform live at this past summer Rock The Bells music festival...and to think I've been paying him no attention sleepin' on him all this time.
Brandy and Shaunie O'Neal (not pictured) hosted a fundraising shopping event at the Louis Vuitton store on Rodeo Drive in LA during All-Star weekend.
'Vannah you're now my girl and all but you need to '86 those shoes...STAT!

Eva (the Diva) and Florida Flo Rida attended Brandy and Shaunie's fundraising event. #Maturity By the way,  for some reason I absophukinglutely LOVE Eva's new hair color and the contrast of the color and her tanned skin...OVER!!!  #Bomb!

Can't front...Amber Rose "be killin'em"! She has a certain je ne sais quoi that keeps me interested in what's she's up to. She was snapped on her way to Brandy and Shaunie's fundraising event.
Lebron & Jay-Z's 2 Kings Event

Jay and Bron Bron
Dwyane Wade and actress girlfriend Gabrielle Union

Jeezy, J. Cole (#bun) and Drake...from the looks of it, it appears that Drake was going for the Guido/Last Don sort of look *rolls eyes* but instead we got this #BoyStopppp...I can't with the white generic plastic buttons on that cheetah shirt! 

J. Cole looks crazy, derange in this photo.
Fun Fact: Melanie Fiona and Drake were once in a 4-member music group called "The Renaissance" back in the days in
Ciara was hurt'em in that dress. 
Cheers to gettin' dat guap-a-lay, proper-a-lay!


David "I didn't get the dress code" Arquette and Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx. David looks dusted. 

#Cuteness (Photo courtesy of
Floyd Mayweather and Drake = #AMess + #Evacuation
Lebron to Floyd: "You know you done phucked up, don't you?"
All-Star Game

Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony and Kobe Bryant = #MillionaireBuns (yes, even Kobe although I don't want to admit it)
Jack Nicholson and his son Raymond Nicholson...what so funny? I wanna laugh too!
Spike Lee *Roxxy's side-eyein' his entire get-up* and singer Bruno Mars

Warren Beatty and his son Benjamin
Former governor of California, Arnold "Cat Daddy" Schwarzenegger kept it pimpin' at the All-Star.
Dustin Hoffman with his son Jake Hoffman

LaLa and Gabby

Lil Wayne's facial expression = Ew! Kanye I'm not saying everything you wear has to be a 3X, but it also doesn't have to be so young (look how tight that slivery material is around his arm)...your jacket looks young as shit jo! 
Former Laker Rick Rox (#bun4life) and his actress girlfriend Eliza Bushku
Jay: What you say Bey? Bey: I said I got a new song called....*Messy Mya voice* " DEM hoes IZ jealous of meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"
Jay: *giggles like a little school girl*...gurl you fun-tee!
Watch Justin become a little "Miggty Miggty Mack Daddy" in a few years...I've been peeping him and the boy got game.  Sidebar: I DETEST Rih's hairstyle!
Gene Simmons....scars the crap out of him! I can't believe the DIVA of all divas, Diana Ross use to date him.
Hey Melissa, looking kaute boo!
Awe, that's actually a really kaute picture!

Christine: Gurrllll you lying, oh no he didn't! Ciara: Gurrrrllllllll, YES he did!!!!

Chris: You just gotta stay away from the nose candy playa and everything else will fall in line. Bruno: Hah-man!

Nick: Dag I miss my wife Mariah! Diddy: Dag, I miss my 3 babymommas....and Cassie....oh and can't forget about JLo.
Justin: So I'm saying you going give me dem digits or what?
Justin: You fakin', you know you feelin' me. Rihanna: *with a devilish grin wonders*, How old is he again? I might could R. Kelly it.

Steve: See this motherphucker rightchere, *hugs Lenny* I phucks with him HEAVY!

All-Star Game Performances

Rihanna to Drake: *giggles* You could possibly NEVA...again!

Rihanna to Kanye: N****, I thought I told you couldn't wear my red jeans tonight, and you still had the AUDACITY to rock DEM shits...I see you just goin' to be an ole defiant ass n****!

Now Melanie you know I love you and you're my fellow Cancer sistah, but this 'fit you're rocking is not only NOT the bizness, it ain't even Marion Barry Youth Leadership summer job appropriate. #GetItTogevaSTAT

Photos courtesy of CAA/Getty Images unless explicitly stated otherwise.

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