Monday, February 21, 2011


LA Lakers star Kobe Bryant became the first athlete ever to be honored at Grauman's Chinese Theatre this past Saturday (Feb. 19) when his hands and Nike-clad feet were immortalized in cement.

Sidebar: I may talk A LOT of smack about Kobe, but one thing I will never ever...ever ever front on him about is that he is literally the last of a dying breed. I say that to say, Kobe is in the game for the GAME! 

In my personal opinion most of the players coming into the league in the last 12 or so years seem to be all about the money and/or the shine that comes with playing professional basketball. I'm not saying the money isn't a good reason to want to play professional basketball, but looking at Kobe you can tell he lives, breathes AND eats the sport of basketball.

As evidence, even though Kobe has won 5 NBA championships, any time he loses a game he takes the lost like a rookie who has never won a game. You know after a lost Kobe is headed straight to the crib to study the footage of the game to view the mishaps and after that he's headed straight to the court to perfect his game...he will NOT be denied and although I can't stand him most of the time...I MOS DEF respect his heart and love for the game of basketball!

Check out more pixs of Kobe, his wife Vanessa and the couple's 2 adorable daughters after the break!

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