Tuesday, February 15, 2011



Yesterday I received some flack from some Chicks that I should have done a post dedicated to the Chicks and Dicks who did not have a Valentine.

And so to that I say, my bad homies!

From this day forward every February 15th, The Chick Fix will be celebrating HAPPY UNVALENTINE'S DAY!

To commemorate this day I have dedicated my favorite Mos Def song, "U R The One," to all the Unvalentine's Day folks!


"When we met your face so brown
Ya ass so round, of course I'm so down
Wish I knew then what the fuck I know now
Couldn't read the signs in the road: "slow down!"
I'm too deep in the road now
Got me pulling over getting smoked out
Fighting tears that I can't hold down
Can't believe it, this fucka's got me weeping
I keep it a secret so my friends won't peep it (live man?)
But late in the evening I'm up, my chest heaving
I'm reaching in the dark and I'm looking for the reason (why!)
Did our love have to die?
You and I were so fucking fly
Can't get it off my mind
The things that made me smile now make me cry."

"It's a dangerous necessity, it's a world famous mystery...LOVE!"

*Posting will resume this evening*

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