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Real Housewife NeNe Leakes accused Kim Zolciak of treating Sweetie Hughes, Kim's assistant (above), like a "slave" on a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA). Now that allegation has prompted a "Free Sweetie (hilarious)" crusade that Sweetie says is ruining her life.
Atlanta radio host Rickey Smiley launched the campaign on Feb. 16 after NeNe called his morning show. 
They're doing it for Black History Month, and it offends me," Sweetie tells Life & Style. They have pastors calling into the radio station and praying for me. They've taken it too far. *inserts side-eye* NeNe's jealous that she's not as close to Kim as I am. #GirlBye
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I've known Kim for 11 years, since I was a kid. Kim's a great friend to me. NeNe's traumatizing my life. She's bringing hell to it. #ThrowingShows&Cabarets I never want to speak to NeNe again. My assistant Sweetie is so upset about the whole thing she's beside herself," Kim tells Life & Style. "NeNe has problems." Life & Style
Notice how Sweetie referred to Kim as a "great friend" and Kim referred to Sweetie as "my assistant" uh, just like I thought. 

Here’s the thing when I first watched parts of the episode in question I thought that NeNe calling Sweetie a “slave” was sort of unjustified.

However, after watching the entire episode, the "Watch What Happens Live" episodes, both reunions and most of the RHOA cast (even Kim’s ace boon coon Kandi  --given the nature of this post the use of the word “coon” seems grossly inappropriate, but I digress) basically co-signing NeNe's assertion that Kim (and Big Poppa’s old wack ass) talk EXTREMELY reckless to Sweetie, I have determined that Kim and Sweetie’s relationship may be phucked up!

I say that to say, you Chicks and Dicks can sit here and play make believe and sing Kumbaya and act like we don't live in America, where things are unfortunately very black and white in terms of racial relations.

With that said, although I’m sure Kim is not overtly racist when the Bravo cameras are rolling, she needs to be mindful of the fact that:
(1) just because she and Sweetie have a jovial/familial relationship does not excuse the fact she sometimes speaks and treats Sweetie poorly. If you're going to talk crazy to Sweetie at least have the decency to do it off camera;
(2) she is white and in a supervisory role while Sweetie is black (I heard a rumor that Sweetie was Nigerian but I can’t believe one of my people could as mother likes to shout, “tolerate such rubbish!”) and Kim’s subordinate and for those reasons alone a racial overtone can be attached to their relationship; and
(3) just because someone allows you to mistreat them and doesn’t feel the least bit slighted by your mistreatment --black girl lost, doesn’t make it right!
As for Sweetie, my tweet and retweet below (by the way, follow The Chick Fix on Twitter) pretty much sums up how I feel about her obvious denial.

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