Monday, February 14, 2011


Clive Davis held his annual dinner prior to the Grammys this past Saturday (February 12). This year the dinner paid tribute to industry icon and rumored Godfather of the Hollywood Gay Mafia, David Geffen.

Just a little bit of background, Geffen has been instrumental in the careers of ALL of your favorite artist and even their favorite artist. 

Among his numerous accomplishments he is also an original producer of the original Dream Girls play on Broadway...not to mention he is sooooooo connected politically (ask the Clintons and the Obamas who they call when the fundraising money needs to get GOT!), oh AND he has loooonnnnggg money too!

Whitney Houston!!! I ABSOPHUCKINGLUTELY love her dress!
Janelle Monae 
Jennifer Hudson
John Mayer...looks aged and creepy for some reason!
WOW...Jhud body is a livin' testament!

Leona Lewis
Miley growing up to be such a pretty girl!

Clive Davis and Jhud

Gayle King...aka Oprah's best friend! SB: I met Gayle a couple of years ago at a Darfur rally in DC with some folks at my former school. There were many celebrities there from Chris Rock to George Clooney and they were all welcoming surprisingly EXCEPT Gaylie-Gayle. Now I'm not one to come up to someone like Gayle (a best friend of a celebrity) and 1) speak or 2) naturally think that the celebrity is with said best friend at all times. I'm not even prone to talking to celebrities I see that I'm not like HUGE fans of. All that to say, I said hi to Gayle and she was like "hey (real friendly-like)." Then I merely asked where Oprah was --like in what vicinity of the rally because I just assumed (knew) she had to be there due to the particular cause and because of the caliber of celebrities in attendance (all big A-list stars --no Charlie Sheen/Lindsey Lohan-types).  Well Miss Gayle set me straight *insert side eye*.  Gayle replied real jazzy like, "and you know she asked about YOU!" I started to get real disrespectful, but decided against it...I had to give her the benefit of the doubt maybe people had been asking her that question all day...but how can you honestly get mad...when you're known as "Gayle King, Oprah's best friend? " Folks kill me, play your position!

Miss Keri-babee!


Katy Perry

Whit and Bobby Christina...dag Bobby's genes are strong!

Kelly and Sharon Osbourne
Lenny Kravitz...btw, I NEED that jacket you have on STAT!
Bruno Mars
Jordan Sparks

Kelly Rowland

Dionne Warwick

Love it!
Chaka Khan

Serena Williams...she looks really pretty, I NEED that necklace!

Who is this you ask...

well according to Getty Images its model Amber Rose (ha ha!)...I mean dag. I guess every bald headed women of color rockin' some "doin' da most" shades look alike...y'all are waaaay off Getty Images! But seriously, who dis chick?

I wish India would jazz up her look...I've seen Afrocentric chic AND this ain't it!

Dag Toni doesn't look well at all...hopes she's healthy

Toni said phuck yeah...I'm still giving leg at my age...AND what?

Shaun Robinson
Kathy Griffin 

Jimmy Jam and wife Lisa Harris

Herbie Hancock
Now this is KAUTE! How fun would that be if they did another duet & tour together since they both have albums coming out this summer.

Sanaa Lathan (aka Na-Na)....don't you just love her!
Faith Evans...she's still pretty (btw, this chestnut hair color suits her *Nigerian accent* well, well!)

Jeffrey Katzenberg and Randy Jackson...stop watching Queer Eye and getting fashion tips ok kay KAY!

Photos courtesy of Getty Images

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