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Yesterday on The View, the new cast of Bravo’s Real Housewives of D.C. (RHODC) were guests on the show and everything was going as planned until one of the RHODC cast (take a wild guess who) claimed to producers that co-host Whoopi Goldberg had *side eye* assaulted her.

When Michaele Salahi and her Real Housewives of D.C. castmates — Mary Schmidt Amons, Lynda Erkiletian, Catherine Ommanney and Stacie Scott Turner — appeared on the ABC talk show, the newly-minted reality star was rattled after she said Whoopi Goldberg, who was offstage for the segment, walked on the set, touched her arm and tried to refocus her on the topic at hand: her alleged crashing of the White House state dinner last November (Roxxy: I'm still peeved (but understand why) Desiree Rogers lost her job over these fools).

Though the encounter occupied no more than several seconds of airtime, offstage, an ugly scene reportedly happened when Salahi and her husband Tareq complained to producers about what she tells PEOPLE was a “humiliating and torturous” experience at the hands of Goldberg — and her View co-hosts.

“The first encounter I had with this woman is her grabbing my arm and telling me to change the subject,” Salahi tells PEOPLE in a phone interview Thursday. “It was very inappropriate … They want to torture me. I didn’t know [being interviewed on the View] would be this horrific.”

According to a statement on ABC’s Web site, Salahi told producers that Goldberg “hit” her. Salahi tells PEOPLE she used the word “grab.”

Goldberg doesn’t deny the backstage confrontation happened but denies she hit Salahi. “You know how I [denied it],” she said, “choice words. And I make no apology for my choice words.”

But the situation escalated after Salahi’s husband Tareq intervened.

“Tareq, my husband, said you need to apologize to my wife,” Salahi tells PEOPLE. “Whoopi doesn’t like to be told what to do. He said, ‘We’re just guests and this is an inappropriate way to treat guests.’ “

But Goldberg says Tareq “got in [her] face, had his BlackBerry out and started taking pictures of me. And needless to say, I really went off on him. And there was even more choice words. It was so choice, you could have cut it with a knife and eaten them.”

At this point, Salahi says, “I was really sobbing (Roxxy: cry me a phucking river!). I just wanted to get out of there.”

While Goldberg had no more to say about the matter Thursday, and co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck read a statement on air from Salahi’s attorney reiterating that no charges were levied after the alleged White House crashing incident, Salahi says she doesn’t understand where all the purported hostility came from on the set of The View.

“Whoopi, I don’t know you. I never saw Sister Act,” she says. “I don’t know much about her. The fact that I have had no encounters with her except this hostility, I don’t know where it’s coming from. It’s just another really painful learning lesson.” Source
Pardon my gangsta Chicks and Dicks but I have to justify my thug. I just couldn't muster up the strength to stith through the foolishness in this bullshit ass story to type out an accurate account of what I let People Magazine do what it do!

Now that I have gotten that out the way, Salahis please go play in traffic in Nigeria TODAY!

Michaele knows good and well that 1) Whoopi did not hit her raggedy ass (By the way, fire your colorist STAT! From the looks of your hair on last nights RHODC premier, she clearly doesn't want you to win!) and 2) her and shady ass husband just want to be as Suge Knight once famously put it, all up in the videos, i.e. they just wanna be seen...knock yourself out!

Oh and another thing Michaele, stop frontin' like you don't know who Whoopi might not have ever seen Sister Act I or Sister Act II (I doubt it...the fact that you reference that particular movie out of all the movies Whoopi's starred in, let's me know you're welling!), but you have definitely seen Ghost, Color Purple...shit even Jumpin' Jack Flash!

In related news, the Washington Post no likely RHODC representation of Capitol area women and feel the network should focus on women making a postive impact in the comunity like these 3 unsung heroes!

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