Wednesday, August 4, 2010


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This definitely would not have been my choice for a single cover...somebody needs to be fired STAT!

R&B singer/songwriter/ producer Faith Evans is gearing up to release her 5th solo album Something About Faith on October 5, and she recently released her first single Gone Already.

Faith wrote on her Twitter page (sidebar: follow The Chick Fix on Twitter!), "[h]ey Tweeps, my official 1st single "Gone Already" premieres today....the new album is fiyah...Something About Faith in stores 10.5.10 :)"

Check out the song after the break!

Me likes!

Faith is one of those artist who usually can't go wrong vocally, but I did notice a change in her usual pitch. Her voice sounds deeper, but maybe that just comes with age.

As for the single cover...HATED IT!

The cover looks like the photographer caught her off guard when she was deciding whether to close or open her mouth for the shot.

Also the right corner of her mouth looks like she was trying to separate her lips but the MAC lip glass had other plans instead.

Sidebar: Last month I was listening to Faith Evans first album Faith (felt like a decade since I listened to it) and I seriously had song #5, You Are My Joy (interlude) on repeat for like 2 weeks straight...damn that was a good album!

Anyway, support Faith's Chicks and Dicks!

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