Tuesday, August 3, 2010


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ESPN will be airing a documentary titled One Night in Vegas, which chronicles the late rapper Tupac Shakur and former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson's friendship.

The documentary will also detail the events of the tragic night of September 7, 1996, when Tupac was shot  and fatally wounded just minutes after watching Tyson's boxing match in Las Vegas.  

The show will air on ESPN on September 7, which marks the 14th anniversary of that fateful night. The documentary is a part of ESPN's "30 for 30" movie series.

Mike spoke with MTV last month about his friend Tupac.
"He looked very destructive. He came across as a world beater," Tyson said. "As far as his music was concerned, his presence and his energy ... the word I'm looking for is fearless. He came across as fearless. When you come across somebody that's fearless, you're a little bit in awe. You're like. 'Whoa!' He's ready to blow, too, at any moment; very volatile. He's very focused. He can go from one second to the next and get very focused." Source
 I'll be watching, will you?

Sidebar: I recently watched the Tyson documentary and it's such an entertaining but honest look at Mike's life from the beginning to the end of his boxing career. I highly recommend you Chicks and Dicks check it out! 

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