Wednesday, August 4, 2010


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Today is President Obama's 49th birthday (Sidebar: yesterday was my Mommy's birthday...I love that crazy women!) and The Chick Fix would like to wish the President a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Reports are that the President will be spending his birthday without his family this year. First Lady Michelle Obama went on a trip to Spain with daughter Sasha, and Malia is away at summer camp.

The President is flying back to Chicago and spending his birthday hanging out with friends at his home in Hyde Park.

Check out a video of all the gifts The Wendy Williams Show got our President -- one of which is electronic cigarettes, after the break!

In basehead thickykins news, Rush Limbaugh is talking slick about President Obama's birth certificate again in the audio below.

It irks me that this fat swole-ass troll has no respect for our President and can always be heard addressing him as "Obama" instead of Presient Obama or Mr. President.

And people wonder why some animals eat their young...Fat Bastard-shaped chump!

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