Friday, July 23, 2010


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According to reports, former South African President, Nelson Mandela's granchildren were held up by gunmen near the entrance of Mandela's daughter Zindzi's home in Johannesburg, after leaving the beloved Civil Rights leader's 92nd birthday celebration.
Reportedly, the grandchildren were returning to their home when two gunmen approached their car and ordered all the occupants to lie down near the entrance of Zindzi's home.
The gunmen fired one shot and the family driver returned fire which cause the gunmen to flee. 
The police say that no one was harmed during the robbery attempt.
In related news, last month Mandela's great-grandaughter Zenani, 13, died in a car crash on her way home from the FIFA World Cup opening concert. The driver of the car is scheduled to appear in court on Monday to face homicide and drunk driving charges.
I'm mean I know the block has been BEYOND hot in South Africa for ages, but damn whoadie!

Yall try to pull the creep move and rob Mandela's grandkids (I'm sure the gunmen knew who they were) knowing they have armed security with them...makes me feel sorry for the everyday South African who doesn't have a security detail.

Photo credit: Reuters

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