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More damaging audio of Mel Gibson has been released by Radaronline and this time Melly Mel threatens to whack (Sidebar: Oh how I miss The Sopranos!) Oksana Grigorieva (OG), his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his 5-month old daughter.

In the almost 8 minute audio, Gibson can be heard literally ranting and raving about how much of a "bitch" and"cunt" OG is; threatening to bury her in his rose garden; how he has no friends and how OG's only job in their relationship was to "blow [him] and smile!" 

Mel also sort of admits to physically abusing OG.

I know Chris Brown is somewhere doing the ATL stomp in relief that..."there's a new sheriff woman beater in town!

Check out the damaging audio of Mel, plus a sneak peak at Tia and Tamera's new reality show and footage of 50 Cent getting attacked on stage after the break!

Scratch my comments from the other day about the public likely forgiving Mel. Stick a fork in it cause this little twat is DONE! 

Not only is Melly's career likely over, but this phucker seriously needs to be committed, STAT! When I listened to  the audio, the psychotic yelling; heavy breathing and constant use of the words "cunt" and "bitch" wasn't what set off my alarm that Mel was missing a few marbles. It was his unrealistic sense of reality that help me deduce that Braveheart was 7:30.

Mel was screaming that OG should just be content with "blowing [him] and smile"; bragging about how OG's girl was dying to give him some becky; ranting and about how he owned we were still in the late 80's or 90s when he was popping...PHUCKOUTTAHERE!

This midgety motherphucker was talking like he was still the man and could get a whoever...Mel sit yo $5 ass down somewhere, before we (the Blacks, Jews, Hispanics and domestic violence victims the world over) make change!

Twin sister duo Tia Hardict (left) and Tamera Mowry will be premiering a half-hour reality show on the Style Network this Saturday (July 17) at 10:30 p.m.

 The show is titled "Tia and Tamera, Take 2" and it will follow the sisters around as they navigate through Hollywood; give viewers a look inside the dynamic between Tamera and Tia's husband, actor Corey Hardict and also show the girls getting inked.

If the ratings are strong, the show may be picked up. Check out a sneak peak of the show and an interview of the girls when they stopped by Good Day LA.

I've been a fan of the twins since their "Sister, Sister" days! Anyway, I'll be watching, will you?

In related news, production has begun for the series "The Game," which will be returning to television this fall on BET after an almost 2-year hiatus.

Check out this short video of an over-zealous "fan" (Tony Yayo's words, not mine) attempt to attack and then dry hump "embrace" rapper 50 Cent on stage during a concert in Brazil earlier this week.
LOFL! All I want to know is how did dude get pass 50's "goons;" get on stage and come so close to "embracing" 50? If Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks and the rest of 50's weed carriers reacted a moment too late, the "fan" would have gotten to show 50, his magic stick!

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  1. You know what it is...they just so darn mean their my age but their personality is just so darn cute....I like em...their my twin friends in my head....hahaha....I will be watching the show fo sho!