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According to the Hollywood Reporter, there is an Oprah Winfrey biopic in the works that is set to air sometime in September 2011 

Producer Larry A. Thompson is said to be shopping around the tell-all biopic and his asking price is somewhere in the six-figures.

The biopic is based off of author Kitty Kelley's unauthorized best-selling biography of Winfrey. The tell-all is said to paint Winfrey as a calculated, control freak that makes all her employees sign non-disclosure agreements. 

A spokesperson for Winfrey's HARPO Productions declined to comment.

There is nothing wrong with having employees sign non-disclosures. This tell-all biopic is probably all fluff...but I'll be watching, sorry O!

Glee cast member Amber Riley and Grammy-award winning singer Colbie Caillat were tapped to sing at the Major League Baseball All-Star game earlier this week in Anaheim California. The ladies did an AWESOME job!

Check out the video of Riley singing the National Anthem and a rendition of Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful" plus read info on Real Housewives Of New Jersey (RHOJ) Monday night record breaking episode ratings and my issue with the show after the break!

Amber performs The National Anthem

Amber performs Beautiful

RHONJ cast l-r Teresa, Jacqueline, Dina, Danielle and Caroline

It's no secret that folks LOVE the foolishness, so it should come as no surprise that many people tuned into the RHONJ this past Monday (July 12) to catch the drama unfold.
Monday night’s hair-pulling episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey posted record ratings for Bravo, becoming the highest-rated non-finale episode of the series. A total of 3.29 million viewers tuned in, 2.28 million in the adults 18-49 range. Following the episode, Watch What Happens: Live boasted another record-breaking number, attracting 2.4 million total viewers, and 1.65 million adults 18-49. The episode was the most-watched late night telecast ever for Bravo, the network announced in a press release. Source
 I watched that episode and I was so turned off by Teresa, Jacqueline and her daughter Ashley's behavior. Everyone knows Danielle is a looney tune, but come on!

1) Teresa you are a troublemaker! You went and sat outside the bathroom after seeing Danielle go in there for the specific purpose of getting something started with her. You know good and got-damn well your intent was not coming from a friendly nature when you inquired as to how Danielle was doing, so kill all that noise about you being "the nicest person." We don't believe you, you need more people! You and Danielle exchanged insults like most people do when they're arguing and then you acted a fool when she zinged you by bringing up that your house was being foreclosed on and you started chasing Danielle like a bat out of hell. You had placenta dripping from your leg from your recent delivery, shame on you! You have four daughters, please try and set an example and stop living up to this awful Italian stereotype! Oh, and I like how you tried to give your husband the abridged version of the what happened and down play your actions.

2) Jacqueline, you're letting Danielle get to you and you're acting out of character. I always considered you the most level headed out of the RHONJ cast, but you egging on the fight by following Danielle and shouting insults was not cool. And you really need to get some control over your daughter Ashley. Sadly, I think it's much too late. Stop scolding your daughter in one instance for her bad behavior then laughing and making excuses about the same behavior in another instance, it obviously sending her the wrong message.

3) Ashley, you really need to "stay in a child's place!" You have no business meddling into adults drama.  Danielle is not your age mate and although her behavior is repulsive at times, you should not be going toe-to-toe with someone old enough to be your mother. Especially when the adult members of your family involved in the situation choose to ignore Danielle's mental ass. You also had no business putting your hands on Danielle by pulling her hair. Who do you think you are? I don't buy your reasoning that you thought Danielle hit your mother, one bit! You honestly expect us to believe that you thought Danielle hit your mom while Teresa was present and live to tell the story...girl bye! Jacqueline should have nipped your little ass in the bud a long time ago, and now it's too late. You disrespect your mom whenever you feel like it and you think you have the world figured out and you don't have a clue...smarten up pop tart!

Finally, riddle me this, what would the RHONJ show be about if Danielle was no longer on the show? *air, silence* Exactly, NATHANIEL! The whole show is premised around Danielle being this nut job and the rest of the cast member sitting around talking about her. Guess what I heard about Danielle, can you believe Danielle did this. It's like enough already! In all honesty, Danielle is keeping the rest of the RHONJ cast Bravo! So you guys can't hate her that much, and if you do, just remember where in a recession and I bet those feelings will fade faster than you can say "prostitution whore."

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