Tuesday, July 20, 2010


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Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith and their daughter Willow (loves her!) came out on the red carpet to support their son Jaden at the "Karate Kid" movie premier in Berlin today.

Brad Pitt escorted his "wife (might as well be)" Angelina Jolie to the premier of her new movie "Salt," in LA last night.

Beyonce was snapped in NYC a couple of days ago being escorted by her silent but-will-murk-a-fool-that-tries-to-get-close bodyguard, Julius.

Rihanna was snapped exiting Ago restaurant in LA yesterday.

Check out more flix of Britney, Leonardo, Swizz and Lenny Kravitz, Mr. Big, Rene Zellweger, Vanessa Williams, Jessica Simpson, Maya, Grace Jones and the Hilton sisters after the break!

Britney Spear was snapped getting her Coach on in LA today.

Leonardo DiCapiro was snapped on his "Inception" promo tour in Japan. 

Swizz Beats and my guy Lenny Kravitz were snapped either headed or exiting (does it really matter?) Ciprani. By the way, my friend and I were shooting the shit over brunch a few weeks back and she mentioned that Lenny has been celibate for roughly 5 years...awe, a man after my own heart!

Chris "Mr. Big" Noth was snapped rollin' em in a circle of homies as they watch him break 'em, with the 7, 7-11, 7-11... at Parx Casino in  Pennsylvania the other day.

Renee Zellweger was snapped in LA today. One question: Are you still with Bradley Cooper? "He's fine, you betta watch 'em!"

Vanessa Williams was snapped at the premier of "The Dry Land" in LA yesterday.

Jessica Simpson was snapped headed to lunch in LA today...love the girl, HATE the romper!

Maya was snapped hitting up the Solstice shop in Miami today. The new hair color is KAUTE!

Grace Jones was snapped on stage at Victoria Park in London performing. She looks AMAZING for her age, BUT *pst pst* ...she SCARES me somethin' vicious!

The Hilton sisters were snapped taking a stroll in Sardina Italy today. My sole purpose in posting their picture was the BAG!!! "I need it in my life, gotta have it in my life."

Photo credit: Getty Images/Startracks/Splash/Fame Pictures/Rihanna Daily/Bauer-Griffin

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