Thursday, July 15, 2010


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Radaronline has released the 4th audio of actor Mel Gibson menacing rants to his former girlfriend Oskana Grigorieva (OG).

In this audio Melly Mel behaves like a two bit trick and goes off the deep end AGAIN and threatens to burn the house down because he "deserves to be blown first," before OG sleeps!

Check out the audio after the break!

I should’ve woken you up and said f***ing blow me bitch! I should’ve f***ing woken you up and said blow me! You would’ve liked that better, yeah? But you need the g**damn sleep!”
"You. Went. To. Sleep. And. Didn’t. Blow. Me! I deserved to be blown FIRST before the f***ing jacuzzi. Ok, I’ll burn the g**damn house down, but BLOW ME FIRST…how dare you…how f***ing dare YOUUUUUUU…Argh!"

In related news, Whoopi Goldberg recently came to the defense of Mel Gibson on "The View," and says she doesn't believe that Mel is a racist.
"I don't like what he did here. But I know Mel, and I know he's not a racist. He may be a bonehead." "I can't sit and say that he's a racist, having spent time with him in my house with my kids... I can't say it."
I'll take Whoopi is a bonehead for $1,000 Alex!

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